Implementing Strategy for Results

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Build the skills to evaluate strategy, increase alignment and drive execution to achieve business outcomes.

In today’s business environment, every manager requires the tools to assess, interpret and implement an organisation’s strategy in the context of their role and area of the organisation. This course will help you understand why strategy is important, how it relates to different stakeholders and parts of an organisation, and how to translate strategy into action.

Led by a leadership expert and the Program Director of our highly successful Emerging Leader Program, you will take part in virtual workshops, interspersed with action learning to make the transition to leadership with confidence. Over three weeks, you will take part in online learning and live workshops. You will utilise The AGSM Navigator, a custom-built platform designed to work with your existing social and communication tools like Zoom.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Led by strategy experts from consulting, industry and academic backgrounds, you will build a toolkit to:

  • Understand the intent of strategy and why strategic choices really matter to the business
  • Identify the characteristics of what makes a “good” strategy
  • Recognise and leverage critical communication channels and stakeholders
  • Evaluate resources, systems and structures that impact successful strategy execution
  • Identify silos and minimise their impact to leverage knowledge from across the organisation 
  • Improve alignment between your team culture and the organisational strategy 
  • Champion strategy execution as a value-adding practice for the organisation
  • Use storytelling and other communication methods to bring strategy to life
  • Develop a strategy execution blueprint

Course Details:

Duration: 3 weeks

Location: Online Learning

Cost: $2,200 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 2 CEMD Points

Innovative digital learning experiences

Whether you choose a tailored learning solution, an in-person short course, or a virtual learning course, you are supported by our innovative online learning platform, the AGSM Navigator. Designed specifically to deliver interactive, best-practice online learning, the Navigator ensures you can learn anytime, anywhere.