Shaping Strategy to Create Value

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Shape the future, lead the change and build competitive advantage.

In a world of constant disruption, it's not enough for leaders to simply respond to the play, they must shape it. This course challenges traditional top-down approaches to strategy to develop fresh perspectives on strategy, innovation, customer value proposition and business model reinvention and gives you the tools to lead the change, build competitive advantage and shape the future of your organisation.

Your organisation will benefit from developing leaders who can better leverage growth opportunities, address business disruptors and create innovative strategies that will sustain the organisation’s competitive advantage.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Led by strategy experts from consulting, industry and academic backgrounds, you will build a toolkit to support you to: 

  • Evaluate and utilise a range of tools, techniques and frameworks for shaping strategy.
  • Formulate successful, value value-creating business strategies.
  • Identify inflection points relevant to your industry and business and develop action plans to create value from them.
  • Interpret business models and generate and share ideas for new value creating business models.
  • Use generative AI to support and enhance strategy development.
  • Experiment to test ideas for new strategic options, increase certainty and decrease risk.
  • Understand an approach to managing a portfolio of innovative business strategy initiatives.
  • Improve the quality of decisions in strategic management.

Course Details:

Duration: 3 days

Location: UNSW Sydney, CBD Campus

Cost: $4,950 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 3 CEMD Points

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