Power and energy

Earth being held in someone's hands

Supply the power and energy to meet unprecedented demand, reduce supply chain risk and create strategic advantage.

The Institute is informed by a strong legacy of deep research capabilities across the entire energy value chain. 

  • Science and technology: traditional and renewable energy, energy storage, energy systems and integration, power-to-gas and gas-to-power, digital grids, energy efficiency and productivity, energy-smart precincts and buildings, energy access and affordability. 
  • Public policy, economics and market design, laws, standards and regulation, social acceptance and energy equity. 
  • Electric and hybrid propulsion systems 

    New electric motors and drives:

    • Fault tolerant for reliability​
    • Efficient ​
    • Withstand harsh environments ​

    Advanced energy control systems​

    PV EVs​

    Heavy reciprocating engines using H2​

    Energy storage:​

    • Management and system integration​
    • Embedded in chassis & airframes​
    • Flow battery fast electrolyte charges​

    Combustion engines​

    Power to X: synthetic fuels​

    Nuclear materials, engineering, safeguarding​

  • Power for directed energy​

    Pulsed-power drivers

    • Light flexible solar PV​
    • Solar paint​
    • Printed batteries​
    • Miniature devices​
    • Device efficiency​
  • Microgrids:​

    • Renewables generation & integration​
    • Energy storage​
    • Load following generators​
    • Advanced controls and energy management systems​

    Energy conversion​

    • Solid state transformers ​

    Hybrid electric heavy plant ​

    Electricity transmission​

    Hydrogen generation ​

    • Electrolysis​
    • Photo (electro) catalysis​

    Hydrogen storage​

    Hydrogen appliances ​