Quantum technologies

A silicon quantum circuit being connected to a circuit board

Quantum sensing with silicon chips

Exploiting the inherent fragility of quantum systems to develop advanced sensors for weak electric and magnetic fields.

Competitive advantage

  • First in the world to demonstrate a quantum bit in silicon, using the spin of a single atom, introduced in the chip via an industry-standard technology
  • Record-holder for quantum memory time, which translates into a record sensitivity toperturbing electromagnetic fields
  • International collaboration to develop novel methods for extracting the maximum information
  • on the environment of the atom
  • Extension of world-leading silicon-based quantum computer technology to demonstrate quantum sensors integrated within a silicon nanoelectronic device


  • Substantial improvements in the sensitivity of sensors for defence systems
  • Quantum sensors within silicon chips to facilitate integration with other functionalities

Capabilities and facilities

  • Leading silicon nanofabrication facilities via the UNSW node of Australian National
  • Fabrication Facility (ANFF) and unmatched in-house expertise
  • Extensive platforms for quantum measurements in ultra-low temperature, high-frequency, low-noise environment
  • International network of collaborators with access to state-of-the-art theoretical and computational facilities.