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Ongoing and upcoming projects

Labour and Social History: Member of working party to digitise and collate the archives of the National Pay Equity Coalition for lodging in the NSW State Library

The National Pay Equity Coalition (NPEC) flourished between 1987 and 2012, responding to the failure of the Australian national Nurses’ 1986 Equal Remuneration case, Award Restructuring and decentralised enterprise bargaining. NPEC activists and strategists, who included or went on to become, senior public servants, unionists and a member of NSW Parliament, developed the approach to pay equity that underpinned the historical undervaluation methodology and recognition of service work as skilled.

Love and skills! Valuation and consequences of emotional labour in female-dominated caring occupations in Sweden

Anne Junor is an invited participant in an application for the project, ‘Love and skills! Valuation and consequences of emotional labour in female-dominated caring occupations in Sweden’ for which a team led by Helene Brodin (Stockholm University) is seeking funding for July 2023–June 2029. The outcome of the application will be determined in May 2023.

Recent projects

Peter Sheldon, Raja Junankar and Anthony de Rosa Pontello:

  • Sponsor: Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union (Mining & Energy Division)   
    Project title: The Coal Power Regions of Australia: What Would a Just Transition Look Like?

Anne Junor:

  • Sponsor: McNally Jones Staff   
    Project title: School Administrative and Support Staff: Spotlight Analysis 

Ian Hampson, Anne Junor and Sarah Gregson (School of Management and IRRG)

  • Funding support: UNSW Business School, UNSW Canberra School of Business, UNSW Research Office   
    Pilot project: Australian Aircraft Maintenance Training and Licensing: 'Harmonisation' with 'International Standards'

Equal remuneration

Unequal pay and lack of women’s participation in the workforce are significant factors holding back the economy. This project has helped secure pay rises of up to 45 per cent for 150,000 workers in the community sector.

Investigating the professional skills of early childhood workers

This project seeks to identify the skills required to perform the professional role of early years educator, particularly with the new emphasis on reflective practice.

Spotlight project: a skills recognition tool

The Spotlight toolkit was developed for New Zealand’s Department of Labour to help incorporate a better identification of under-recognised skills into HR processes.

This skills-assessment toolkit, developed in the IRRG at UNSW primarily by Anne Junor and Ian Hampson, has helped secure pay rises of up to 45 per cent for 150,000 workers in the community sector, the bulk of them low-paid women. A web version of the toolkit continues to be used in the NZ community sector.

Spotlight was most recently used in the funded research project 'Investigating the professional skills of early childhood workers'. The IRRG, together with the UNSW Canberra School of Business and Macquarie University, used the Spotlight methodology to explore the professional skills of early childhood workers, particularly those involved in reflective practice. This work is producing a publication stream. 


  • Expert witness work: Junor Report (2022) Honorary Assoc Prof Anne Junor, Fair Work Commission Matter AM2021/63, Amendments to the Aged Care Award 2010 and the Nurses Award 2010 dated 28 October 2021 as amended 5 May 2022. 

    • The Full Bench in the Aged Care Work Value Decision determined that an interim increase in in the modern award minimum wages applicable to direct care workers is justified by work value reasons. In reaching this decision, the Full Bench had particular regard to the report of Associate Professor Junor who applied the Spotlight Tool to the relevant roles. The Spotlight Tool is a job and skills analysis tool designed as an aid in identifying, naming and classifying ‘invisible skills’ used in undertaking service work processes that are not directly observable. ‘Invisible’ in this context means ‘hidden’, ‘under-defined’, ‘under-specified’ or ‘under-codified’. The Full Bench concluded that: ‘Assoc Prof Junor’s evidence was cogent, probative and relevant to our assessment of whether a variation of modern award minimum wages in the relevant awards is “justified by work value reasons”’ (s.157(2)(a)).

  • Hatipoglu, B., Akan, E., Gurses, K. & Ertuna, B. Business survival analysis of Syrian-owned enterprises in Türkiye. Refugee Entrepreneurship Research Excellence program of Building Markets (New York USA). Amount: USD11000.


  • Piasecki, P., Gall, A. & Hatipoglu B. ‘Co-operative values and principles oriented HRM practices, ‘co-operative difference’ and affective commitment: The moderating role of the size of organization’ (forthcoming).

    Kuzuoglu, S. Ertuna, B. Ata, S. Hatipoglu, B. Residents’ perceptions of World Heritage Site management: Divide between urban and rural WHSs (forthcoming).

    P.N. (Raja) Junankar, Roy Green and Tim Harcourt. Prepared for the Special Issue of ELRR in Honour of Geoff Harcourt: Horses for Courses? Geoff Harcourt and Economic Policy, ELRR (forthcoming).

    P.N. (Raja) Junankar. “Covid 19: The Australian Labour Market on a Big Dipper” (forthcoming).

     P.N. (Raja) Junankar and Chun Yee (Jenny) Wong. “Does Inflation Targeting Help Growth and Development?” (forthcoming).

    Expressing thanks, taking stock, moving on, ELRR 33(4) 693–697.

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  • Anne Junor report cited in Workplace Express,8 Nov 2022: ‘Ross lauds "cogent", "relevant" expert evidence in work value case’. Article reports the President’s view that “cases of this type require significant evidence from those with experience in relevant industries, supported by appropriate experts".