Our network

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KRI has extensive networks throughout academia, governments, NGOs, peak bodies, international institutions, industries and communities in Southeast Asia, Korea and Australasia. KRI conducts its major activities in partnership and collaboration through these networks.

The following three networks are formalised with distinctive missions of its own network but also to support overarching mission of KRI. It plays a key role in all three networks.

Collaborative research network

KRI has extensive international networks in Southeast Asia and Australasia. The two distinctive collaborative research networks currently in operation are the Universities Network (also known as Ten Strategic Partner Universities) and the Universities-Government Institutions network (also known as CPPR Forum).

Collaborative institutions

KRI has strategic networks with government departments and institutions in Korea, Australasia and Southeast Asia through receiving research grants and support for Korean Studies-related activities, joint organisation of policy workshops, conducting collaborative research and facilitating public diplomacy in Australasia and Southeast Asia.


KoSASA was founded in 2003 by KRI and five top-tier national universities of four Southeast Asian countries (that is, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam). Since its inception, KoSASA's network has expanded to include nine top-tier universities from eight Southeast Asian countries (adding Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines). KoSASA's primary activities involve promoting Korean Studies across Southeast Asia by conducting collaborative research activities and academic conferences. To facilitate multidisciplinary research collaborations between UNSW and universities across Southeast Asia and Korea, KRI gives UNSW scholars access to this network.