GIE scholarhsips

KRI supports postgraduate researchers by providing a variety of scholarships, ranging from annual stipends, living allowances and tuition fee costs to travel scholarships and supplements. Scholarships are available to support new and continuing postgraduate researchers.

There are two postgraduate research scholarships at KRI. The following scholarships support the UNSW 2025 Strategy of achieving Social Engagement and Global Impacts.

  • The Korea Foundation ASEAN Fellowship Program for Korean Studies was established to foster new generations of Southeast Asian scholars in the field of Korean studies. With this program, the Foundation intends to offer outstanding young scholars in ASEAN countries opportunities to study abroad for an MA or PhD in Korean Studies and to support them in serving as the next generation of Korean specialists in their region.

    To enquire about this scholarship, contact KRI@UNSW

  • The UNSW PhD Scholarship program for KoSASA (Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia) member universities was established to support cooperation in research and education with UNSW. With this scholarship, UNSW offers outstanding young scholars from KoSASA member universities opportunities to study towards a PhD degree at UNSW.

    To enquire about this scholarship, contact KRI@UNSW

  • This scholarship was established to commemorate the work of the late Professor Chung-Sok Suh. Professor Suh established the KoSASA and promoted scholarship and research collaborations among leading universities in Southeast Asia and UNSW through Korean Research Initiatives (KRI). In each scholarship round, the scholarship is awarded to the highest-ranked applicant from a KoSASA member university to undertake a PhD at UNSW Canberra.

    To enquire about this scholarship, contact KRI@UNSW

  • In honour of late Professor Chung-Sok Suh’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of Korean Studies across Australasia over the past two decades, KSAA established two KSAA-funded awards of $500 each. They're the Professor Chung-Sok Suh Best Paper Award and Professor Chung-Sok Suh Best Graduate Paper Award. They were inaugurated at 9th KSAA Biennial Conference in November 2015. These two awards will be awarded biennially (when the KSAA conference is held).

    To enquire about these awards, head to KSAA’s website at