What we do

The CSE IT Helpdesk is your first point of contact for issues with computers and accounts for the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering. Our services cover: 

  • help with CSE accounts, passwords and file quotas 
  • help with using the CSE lab computers 
  • help with UNIX commands and software at CSE 
  • fixing problems with CSE servers and systems 
  • looking after the computers and other equipment in the CSE labs 
  • keeping you informed about any problems with CSE systems.

For more complicated problems, please email the Computer Support Group.

We do not fix

Before you arrive

So we can help you most effectively, please: 

  • bring your student card with you 
  • note the exact text of any error messages you received, if applicable 
  • note the name of the computer you were using, if applicable. For example: drum03. 

Contact us

Location: Computer Science and Engineering Building (K17), Level 1, Room 111 

Telephone: +61 (2) 938 55438 

Email: ithelpdesk@cse.unsw.edu.au