From the Cockpit - Alumni Profile
Angelique Wallworth

Despite the adverse Impacts of covid on her study, Angelique distinguished herself by winning the Sir Donald Anderson Award for her ATPL exam results in 2022.  Since graduating, Angelique has become a full-time pilot employed by a construction company based in Darwin doing fly in fly out. "She went up to Darwin without a job but just kept pursuing every opportunity and has landed this role. She just loves it up there," says Angelique's mum.  “It is so good to know that after all of the hard work that it has paid off and she is fulfilling her dream."  

Read more about Angelique in this interview conducted in February 2022 prior to graduation.

Tell us a bit about your background and why you went into this degree.

  • Currently in 4th year – there’s been delays with completing my degree due to COVID restrictions and the impact on flying training  

  • When started to consider what direction I wanted to take, aviation was a highlight as mum worked in corporate travel. As such had been exposed to the aviation industry from a young age.

  • Aviation has been a lifelong passion, and I knew about the industry in general when I was younger. 

  • I wanted to study something which was challenging, and to have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Whether the new challenges may include learning about new aircraft, new routes.

Is there anyone that influenced you strongly in your path?

  • Initially I wanted to go into commercial airline. However, as a result of COVID, I’ve needed to adapt in terms of what this meant as far as where I saw myself.  Qantas recruitment program closed with COVID, and as such I tried to embrace all kinds of different opportunities. 

  • Have not been too focused on what I will do when I finish my study. Currently I’m considering instructing or charter. For me, the end goal is more important. 


What are some of the highlights of your study?

  • With flying, there is always bad flights and good flights.  
    An achievement for me was trying to obtain my commercial licence when Covid hit. 

  • Forming genuine friendships with peers has been great. Flying is a smaller course, and this meant that during COVID lockdown, there was a lot of support for one another – including the students and the staff.   


What do you think contributed to your success in these exams?

  • The exams I undertook where important to staring my career on a good note. There was lots of hours of study and dedication

  • Was difficult as 90% of our courses were online – it was very challenging with Covid. It was hard to determine what progress was being made, as the flying course is so hands on. I was determined to do well.

  • I had failed some other exams previously, so this time the goal was to improve on these other exams – it was important to do well. With all the breaks with covid, felt like needed something tangible to keep going. Many students struggled with the need to be disciplined during Covid.


What are your dreams and aspirations?  What pathway would you ideally like to take when you finish your studies?

  • In terms of my aspirations – in an ideal world would like to end up as an international commercial pilot, with Qantas. However, am happy with any path. Ideally want to move through Qantas Future Pilot program. 

  • Post covid – happy with any route which leads me to [my desired] end result. The flying course is intense, so often I will take one day at a time. 

  • I am excited – if don’t get into an airline straight away, it is such a diverse industry, and I can do many other things with my career.  

  • My parents are “super proud” – they are excited by my exam results, but they would be excited by anything I achieve – as long as I give it a go.