Trevor Gerber SYD100 Scholarship 2023

Congrats to the 2023 recipient of the Trevor Gerber SYD100 Scholarship, Timothy Walker - a proud Indigenous man from the Darug people of the Hawkesbury region.

SYD100 Scholarship 2023.png

Timothy’s love of aviation was sparked at a young age with regular trips to the airport as his dad worked in customs.  “The excitement of the trip to the airport and the idea of waiting, going up in the sky and to be in another country in a few hours made me fall in love with aviation,” says Timothy.

Timothy identified his first preference for study when he was in Year 8 when his aunty brought up UNSW Aviation’s handbook featuring the Aviation Management and Flying programs and this gave him something to focus his studies and set his hopes and dreams on. While his passion was initially flying, his focus shifted to aviation management when he learned of the many options and avenues for career pathways that the Aviation Management degree can provide. 

Timothy’s dream is to graduate into a role where he can be involved in running an airport. “The Trevor Gerber SYD100 Scholarship has meant so much to me. Being able to study at university and being an open proud indigenous man is so important when so many of my ancestors, even my grandma, were never able to share their indigenous identity out of fear. It shows that no matter what background or heritage you come from, anything is possible, especially for first nation individuals. It also highlights how important education is to success.”

Watch this video in which Timothy talks about what this scholarship means to him.