Study of Child Pedestrian Fatalities in Australia

Children next to a car walking through pedestrian crossing to the school

This is a joint project between UNSW Aviation, Transport and Road Safety (TARS) group and the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation (LBDF), a not-for-profit charity that aims to advocate for road safety. It is funded by the competitive National Road Safety Innovation Fund (Round 2, in 2021). The study aims to understand the causes of child pedestrian fatalities and to develop strategies for reducing them.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: The research study is looking to recruit people who are a parent or carer of young children, over the age of 18 and who live in your local community.

Researchers: Prof (Em) Ann Williamson  Ann Williamson from the Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research, School of Aviation at UNSW Sydney and Mrs Michelle McLaughlin, from the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation