Resources & support

In this section, you’ll find useful student resources from the School of Humanities & Languages.

Students learning at the translation booth room at UNSW Kensignton campus.

These include common forms, key contacts, information about academic advising and a range of support services that will help you get the most out of your university experience.  

Take a look at our language placement process or explore our three-year agreement with the University of Sydney to study Indonesian, Greek or Italian.

Student resources
Get access to useful resources including forms, key contacts, sample programs and more.
Protocols & guidelines
All UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture students are required to follow UNSW Academic Policies plus UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture Guidelines and Protocols while they're enrolled in their program.
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Find out where and when you can sit the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Personalised English Language Enhancement

Personalised English Language Enhancement (PELE) is a course that has been developed to enhance your independent learning and communication skills in English.

Language placements

If you have previous experience learning a language or are a native speaker of a particular language, you’ll be required to complete a language placement to be placed at an appropriate level.