In judicial cases, the reliance on oral evidence can result in inaccurate interpretations and miscarriages of justice. This project examines factors that influence the accuracy of interpreting and the impact of interpreters on witness credibility. 

Our research team involves experts from different disciplines such as interpreting, linguistics, psychology and law. The methodology will be mixed, involving an experimental design for data collection and qualitative and quantitative methods for data analysis.

We aim to provide empirical evidence to support best practice and a basis for policy recommendations to courts. This will enhance the fairness of the justice system for all members of the community regardless of language and background.

The project intends to improve communication for all court participants. It includes evidence-based guidance for courts and tribunals, greater social equity, and more reliable and transparent interpreting procedures. The outcomes will sustain Australia's international leadership in the field of court interpreting research, practice and policy development.

Funding agency

Australian Research Council / Discovery Project


Charles Stuart University