What is Social Sciences Week?

Now in its sixth year, Social Sciences Week is a series of events held across Australia during the second week of September. The UNSW School of Social Sciences is a supporter of Social Sciences Week. 

This year, the School of Social Sciences is hosting a series of provoking conversations on the theme of Crisis & Change. What is the role of ordinary individuals in the broader picture of global climate change, and how can we respond to this urgent problem? How do young people respond to crisis and what can they teach us about hope and resilience? And how can storytelling shed light on a family’s journey to overcome crisis and trauma, against punishing bureaucratic systems? 

For its flagship Ask a Social Scientist event, the School of Social Sciences invites ADA early career academics (including HDRs) to take part in a workshop led by two of the School’s prominent mainstream writers, on public writing with purpose: how to find your narrative for a wider audience. 

Social Sciences Week was established to introduce the Social Sciences to the wider public and discuss social and political change and the potential such change promises for our daily lives.

We invite all students, Faculty, and wider public to join us and take part in the Social Sciences Week conversation. Be part of the change.