We are proud to undertake advocacy, to influence positive policy change, at national, regional and international levels. Working in partnership with refugee communities, humanitarian and United Nations organisations, our advocacy work draws on rigorous academic research to:

  • identify gaps and needs in situations of forced migration
  • develop new tools and resources
  • form and contribute to working groups and networks with peer organisations and advocacy organisations
  • conduct cooperative and productive research with refugee services both locally and internationally, and
  • support the development of new laws, policies and practices where there are gaps.

We attend UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs in Geneva, and UNHCR's Executive Committee and Standing Committee meetings. Participation in these meetings also provides opportunities for high-level advocacy through Side Meetings with the UNHCR, State delegates, and other key players. This participation lets us present our research findings and effect change at the very highest levels.

In Australia, we work closely with local organisations on issues of policy and practice in refugee protection and resettlement, with the Refugee Council of Australia, Amnesty International,  AMES Australia, MYAN Australia, Settlement Services International, STARTTS and QPASST, amongst others.

Additionally, through our research we provide platforms and training to empower refugees and displaced peoples to act as their own advocates. Our research also provides pathways for refugees and displaced peoples to share their histories and their stories with the wider Australian public.