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At UNSW School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, accounting is more than a technical competence.

Our staff lead the field in providing the in-depth knowledge and research required to explore every facet of this complex discipline – including advising on the cost of products and services, the use of resources, cutting expenditure and waste and how accounts determine profits and investment or expansion plans.

In research, our school is ranked as one of the leading research institutions in the Asia Pacific region. Our activities contribute internationally to recognised research that furthers knowledge and improves practice in the accounting discipline.

We offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs which will help you develop the rigorous analytical skills needed to become not just a technical expert, but one who can interpret and inform. Our courses cover information systems, marketing, finance, business law and taxation. They've been developed with industry so students can feel confident they will graduate with knowledge and skills that is up to date with industry benchmarks.

Gaining these skills will future-proof your career and open countless doors in the business world.

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Industry Associations & Accreditations

UNSW School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation actively seeks accreditation from national and internationally recognised bodies to ensure our courses match industry standards.

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Employment Opportunities

Teaching staff with university experience are encouraged to apply for roles at UNSW School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation. Current students are also considered.

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Why Study Accounting?

Accounting is the backbone of business and a solid launchpad for a vibrant career. You could work as a financial analyst, taxation officer or specialist, forensic accountant, manager, banker or entrepreneur.

Accounting is a very large occupation in Australia and the number of people working as accountants in the last five years has grown moderately, from 181,400 in 2014 to 195,800 in 2019. (Source: Jobs Outlook)

In a broad sense, accounting makes sense of numbers, but it also helps businesses better manage their people, products or services, brand and customers. Just ask our researchers Dr Maria BalatbatProfessor Mandy Cheng and Dr Yee Phua. Their research has shown that accounting can also help businesses be more sustainable and tackle climate change.

What do our Accounting Courses Cover? 

When you join Australasia’s leading accounting research school, you’ll discover how business owners, managers, shareholders, creditors and governments use financial information to function and flourish.  

You’ll learn about: 

Financial accounting 

  • Prepare legally required financial statements 
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements 
  • Carry out complex financial transactions 
  • Learn about different reporting entities, including multinational enterprises and international reporting diversity 

Managerial accounting 

  • Design and run accounting information systems 
  • Create budgets 
  • Discover benchmarking 
  • Set strategies 
  • Evaluate financial performance 

Auditing and assurance 

  • Evaluate internal control systems 
  • Add credibility to reported information 
  • Assess an organisation’s risk 
  • Improve a company’s corporate governance process 

Our courses are constantly revised to meet new challenges in a globalised and digitised world. We expose our students to e-business, encourage them to understand the links between business strategy and processes, offer advanced courses in assurance and business risk, and help students appreciate global influences on financial reporting and management. 

Course structures are flexible, and students can switch from part-time to full-time study, and vice versa. We also offer opportunities to complete part of your degree overseas through an exchange study program.