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UNSW Canberra is a global university with an international reputation for providing exceptional education and world-leading research. 

Whether you want to broaden your general knowledge, pursue postgraduate research or upskill for career progression, we offer a unique range of degrees and study options at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) campus.

The School of Business offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research degrees. You’ll have access to world-class academics. Start your journey with us and develop a sophisticated knowledge of strategy, leadership and managerial concepts to help you excel in business.


Bachelor of Business

This degree enhances the business acumen of future leaders and managers in the Australian Defence Organisation and provides them with the capacity to interact effectively with external business providers.

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Bachelor of Business (Honours)

Did you enjoy researching your assignments during your bachelor's degree? Do you want to learn more about a specific field of business studies?  The Bachelor of Business (Honours) degree provides the opportunity to do both. Deepen your critical thinking and communication skills.

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Postgraduate coursework

Master of Business

The Master of Business is a forward-thinking, industry-focused degree purpose-built to unlock your personal and professional ambitions and refine your leadership skills. Designed for graduates and young professionals, this program aims to develop excellent managers for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors including Defence. 

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Master of Logisitics Management

We look at managing organisational supply chains from the perspective of operations management and efficient decision-making. Designed for graduates working in the private, public, and Defence sectors this program provides students with the skills to develop solutions to complex issues faced by organisations.

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Master of Strategic People Management

This degree is designed to develop middle managers, particularly in people management. Middle managers are a key element of organisational change, but few university-level courses focus on their specific challenges. The Master of Strategic People Management provides students an understanding of systems theory and its implications for implementation

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Master of Sustainment Management

Modern military technology and systems are required to stay at the cutting edge of performance yet serve for increasingly longer life spans. The key to achieving successful sustainment outcomes relies on linking sustainment strategy, operations, and execution to meet performance requirements. 

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Master of Business (Strategic Procurement)

The Master of Business (Strategic Procurement) is forward-thinking, industry-focused and purpose-built to advance your understanding of the concepts and principles that underpin effective public sector procurement outcomes.

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Master of Project Management

Globalisation has led to the application of new technologies and an ever-changing economic environment. More organisations rely on project work, programs, and portfolios to conduct business. Project management methodologies can help standardise, structure, and organise work methods to achieve things on time, on budget, and to requirements.  

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Master of Workforce Planning

The Master of Workforce Planning enables the development of skills to improve organisational productivity and outcomes by systematically predicting the future demand and supply of employees. Students are provided with the knowledge to enable the forecasting and deployment of capability to support the strategic development of the organisation.

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Graduate Certificate of Workforce Planning

In the Graduate Certificate in Workforce Planning at UNSW Canberra, you'll develop skills that will improve your organisation's productivity and outcomes.

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Postgraduate research

Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy is a unique interdisciplinary research degree offered by UNSW Canberra that combines postgraduate coursework and an original research thesis. The degree is suited to professionals who already have several years of experience in the workforce and want to develop research skills.

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Masters degree by Research

Master degrees by research prepare students to apply advanced knowledge for research, scholarship and further learning corresponding to Australian Qualification Framework  – AQF level 9 qualifications.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Economics & Management

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) encourages initiative and originality in research. You will be challenged to undertake intensive, independent research and make a significant and original contribution to your chosen specialisation.

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Doctor of Public Management (DPM)

The DPM is a professional doctorate degree that provides an opportunity to combine a doctoral thesis with disciplinary and methodologically based coursework.

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To assess your eligibility, and for further information relating to undertaking Higher Degree Research (HDR) studies with UNSW Canberra, please visit our HDR page.

Short Courses

Accelerate your career, learn new skills and expand your knowledge with our professional education short courses. Our courses are practical, tailored to your needs and can be delivered in-house or on-premises. Find out more.

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