The Master of Strategic People Management at UNSW Canberra is designed to develop middle managers, particularly in people management. Middle managers are a key element of organisational change, but few university-level courses focus on their specific challenges. This degree provides students with an understanding of systems theory and its implications for implementation.  

Degree type

Postgraduate coursework


1 year full-time

Commencing terms

Semester 1, Semester 2

Program code


Delivery mode



Rather than looking at HR aspects as discrete elements, we integrate ideas to help develop strategies for developing and sustaining individual and organisational capability to enable managers to interpret organisational strategy and develop appropriate, people-focused implementation plans. 

This fully online degree balances advanced theory with practical knowledge, offering you the opportunity to learn how to develop effective strategy implementation plans.  

The UNSW Canberra School of Business is an accredited member of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. Only 5 per cent of university business programs worldwide are AACSB accredited.  

What our students say

“Having worked in Defence for more than 16 years, I have experience in personnel and business management. However, this degree has enhanced my confidence and expertise, particularly in relation to strategic management, strategic human resources, change management and systems thinking related workplace opportunities.” 
Samantha Dennis, Master of Strategic People Management student

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For more information on this degree, see the UNSW Handbook.

  • A program of study within the Master of Strategic People Management is accredited by the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) effective January 2021. Accreditation is reviewed every three years by the AHRI National Accreditation Committee. Students applying for this program can be assured that the quality of core courses map onto the AHRI Model of Excellence for HR Practitioners and Academics, a recognised benchmark of HR best practice and standards.

    If you need more information about the specified courses that make up the program or are currently in a master's program and would like to enquire if you're eligible to transfer into this program, please contact

  • Students undertaking the Master of Strategic People Management need to complete eight coursework courses (48 UOC). Students must complete four core courses (24 UOC) and four elective courses (24 UOC). 

    For further program details, please see the UNSW Handbook.

    Please note: Course offerings and the Intensive Delivery Mode (IDM) courses can vary throughout the year - contact the School for details. 

  • Core courses

    Student must complete 4 core courses:

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2024 Semester 2 - 2024
    ZBUS8101 Strategic Management Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8203 Change Management Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8314 People and Systems Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8315 Driving Performance Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8316  Developing Organisational Capability Not Offered Distance Mode



    Code Course Semester 1 - 2024 Semester 2 - 2024
    ZBUS8102 Organisational Behaviour Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8103 Strategic Human Resources Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8108 Accounting for Management Decisions Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8109 Business Law Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8113 Public Service Implementation Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8114 Leadership of Safe and Healthy Work Not Offered Not Offered
    ZBUS8115 Public Service Performance and Evaluation Not Offered Not Offered
    ZBUS8147 The Business of Managing Projects Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8201 Leadership Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8204 Marketing Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8205 Business Ethics Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8208 Humanitarian Logistics Not Offered Not Offered
    ZBUS8210 Critical Analysis in Business Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZBUS8317 Workforce Planning Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZBUS8320 Strategic Logistics Management Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8321 Managing Diversity Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZBUS8501 Research Project - Business Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZEIT8402 Evidence-based Decision Making Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZPEM8210 Institutional Subjectivity and Ethics Not Offered Distance Mode
  • Entry requirements

    For information regarding entry requirements, please refer to the online handbook.

Key contacts

Program Coordinator
A/Prof Sue Williamson 

Student enquiries
T: (02) 5114 5000