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We improve lives locally and globally through innovative research, transformative education and a commitment to a just and equitable society.

After months of drought Canberra was hit by heavy storm formations on 20 January 2019. It brought strong winds and hail into the nations capital causing carnage along its path. The ADFA campus escaped the brunt of the storm with no reports of damage.

Welcome to UNSW Canberra

Developing global leaders for more than 50 years
World-class research & teaching excellence
A supportive, collaborative & close-knit community

Developing future global leaders

In all areas relating to military, strategic and defence studies, UNSW Canberra offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Additionally, UNSW’s Canberra city campus expands on the ACT's reputation for tertiary excellence, collaborating with other academic institutions and peak bodies. Building on 50 years of local collaboration with the Australian Defence Force, future Navy, Army and Air Force leaders will be able to combine their military and leadership training with our world-class university programs across multiple campuses. Our deep connections to industry and government through our teaching and research makes our university an ideal place to develop your career. 

A top university

We’re committed to excellence in education and research, and we have a comprehensive history and partnership with Defence that we’re proud of.

What sets us apart

UNSW Canberra is a unique faculty with:

  • a close-knit, supportive community, on-campus and online
  • the best teacher-to-student ratio in Australia
  • access to world-class experts as well as unique Defence resources and facilities
  • quality research programs that help strengthen and secure Australia’s future through our Defence and Defence industries partnerships
  • a unique focus on teaching Defence Force and civilian students
  • deep links to industry and government where careers are made 
  • an active and supportive alumni community offering lifelong connections.

We can help you excel at your chosen career path, while enhancing the national capability and innovation of the Australian Defence Force.

UNSW Canberra graduates are in high demand to address complex and contemporary challenges across Australia, the region and the globe.


Our research & impact

UNSW Canberra researchers are at the forefront of discovery and impact. We partner with local and global communities in research, government, industry and Defence to find real solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Our vision

UNSW Canberra’s mission is to support lifelong learning through innovation and engagement while leveraging our location to build meaningful relationships across Defence, industry, government and academia.

Our schools

Through innovative teaching and groundbreaking research, our schools contribute to the advancement of knowledge across disciplines as we help to create a just society.

Our people

Use this page to find a university staff member and access their contact details.

Our campuses

Discover what it's like to study at UNSW Canberra. From the heart of Canberra to our UNSW Canberra-ADFA campus, you'll find a unique environment where academia and defence combine.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate our diversity, leverage our individual differences and experiences, and value the cultural richness of our communities.

Find the degree for you

UNSW Canberra is a global university with an international reputation for providing exceptional education and world-leading research. Whether you want to broaden your general knowledge, pursue postgraduate research or upskill, our unique range of degrees and study options will propel you into an exciting and fulfilling future.  

Short courses

You can refresh your qualifications, meet professional development requirements, and learn new skills through short-term study options. With UNSW Canberra's short courses, you can stay relevant and grow in your career.

Defence Force focus

UNSW Canberra is proud to be the only national academic institution to integrate with the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

Our strength in Defence and security-related teaching and research gives you a competitive edge.

Explore UNSW Canberra & ADFA

“UNSW Canberra and Defence work well together to ensure that we have a healthy balance of university studies and military training.”

Jace Stallard, Bachelor of Technology Aeronautical Engineering

A leading university in the nation’s capital

UNSW is one of Australia’s top universities and a founding member of the Group of Eight (Go8). We have a long, comprehensive history of excellence in education and research, ranking as one of the top 50 universities worldwide.

Our Canberra campuses are located in one of Australia's most liveable cities. You’ll have access to lots of part-time work, industry placements and volunteering options while you study, and strong employment opportunities after you graduate.

Lifelong connections

UNSW Canberra graduates become part of a highly engaged and influential community. They continue to shape Australia and the international community as leaders in Defence, government and industry.

Through UNSW Canberra alumni programs, you’ll be able to build lifelong connections and contribute to the community.

“For me, leadership is about trying to help people understand their own strengths and to recognise them. I had some terrific mentors who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm, Bachelor of Science, 1989

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