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Learn to be a leader and set yourself up for a wide range of career opportunities.

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We educate the best and brightest in the Australian Defence Force and have done so for 55 years. The skills and knowledge we provide our military leaders and those of the future have a real and positive impact on our nation. We believe in lifelong learning and we provide the expertise and courses that will enable you to continually grow and develop your skills and knowledge throughout your career.

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Technical degrees

Prepare yourself for a career in and out of the Australian Defence Force, working with some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. Develop the skills you need to succeed in a constantly evolving technology and security environment.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical)

This degree is specifically designed to prepare you for the needs of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as Australia’s largest aircraft operator. It’s tailored to future aeronautical engineers and covers the fundamentals of aeronautics, aerodynamics and engine propulsion for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)  

This four-year full-time degree is in-built with an honours research project. Working with experienced engineers and client representatives on industry-focused design and research projects, you’ll gain the hands-on experience required to meet the global challenges of the future.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)

Do you have an interest in radar, communication, or weapons systems? Are you interested in driving the Australian Defence Force's position at the forefront of technology? If these scenarios make your circuits fire, then studying electrical engineering at UNSW Canberra at ADFA may be for you.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)

As a mechanical engineer, you’ll be the driving force behind the ADF’s advanced technology, powering the machines around us. No other organisation in Australia has such a complex and challenging equipment inventory operating under such demanding conditions.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Naval Architecture)

Water covers more than 70 per cent of the world’s surface. To navigate oceans, rivers, lakes and other waterways, people depend on water vessels. In this program, you’ll learn how to solve design problems while boosting your career opportunities using military and civilian perspectives. 

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Bachelor of Computing & Cyber Security

This degree is designed to develop the attributes and skills needed to work on the front line of Australia's sovereign cyber capabilities. You’ll be able to understand and identify risks and make computing and networking systems secure.

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Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)

In the world of designing, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft and related systems, aeronautical engineers are essential. Be prepared for a career in the Australian Defence Force and aerospace industry by understanding the social, ethical and environmental context of aircraft workings.

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Bachelor of Computing & Cyber Security (Honours)

Challenge yourself and broaden your career horizons with this degree. This program is for students who excelled in their undergraduate computer science studies and wish to extend their skills in cyber security.

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Non-technical degrees

Our non-technical degrees help you develop a broad foundation of transferrable skills that will set you up for success as a leader in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or in a non-defence setting when you choose to transition from the ADF.

Bachelor of Arts

This degree gives you strong communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills – essential attributes of effective leaders in the Australian Defence Force.  Arts degrees are flexible and allow you to keep your options open. 

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Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business lays a solid foundation in communication, numeracy and commercial acumen. This degree positions you to work within the business processes of the ADF and to interact with industry partners.  

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Bachelor of Science

Ignite your passion for science. From oceanography to aviation and physics, this degree unlocks a world of career possibilities. Science degrees are flexible and allow you to keep your options open. They will give you the  analytical and problem-solving skills to advance your career as a leader in the Australian Defence Force.  

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

In this program you’ll plan and implement a research project on a topic of your choice. You'll also complete coursework curated to help bolster your research skills and knowledge of your chosen area of specialisation.

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Bachelor of Business (Honours)

Did you enjoy undertaking research for your assignments during your bachelor's degree? Do you want to learn more about a specific field of business studies? This degree provides the opportunity to do both, as well as deepen your critical thinking and communication skills.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours)  

Enhance your skills and understanding in your chosen area of science and lay the academic foundations for a master’s degree with a degree that connects high-performing students to a deeper knowledge of approaches and traditions in their chosen fields. 

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