Faculty Leadership Team

Shaping the future for UNSW Canberra

ADFA coat of arms on a wall outside Adams Auditorium UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra's senior leaders are responsible for guiding UNSW Canberra towards achieving its mission:

"To support lifelong learning through innovation and engagement whilst leveraging our location to build meaningful relationships across Defence, industry, government, and academia. We aim to create inclusive communities focused on solving real-world problems by supporting our people in leadership and educational and research excellence."

Senior Leadership Team

Professor Emma Sparks
Dean & Rector, UNSW Canberra
Professor Michael O'Donnell,
Head of School, School of Business.
Deputy Rector – Defence Contract
Professor Andrew Neely
Associate Dean (Research Engagement)
Associate Dean (Lifelong Learning), Head of School of Business

Heads of School & Senior Leadership

Head of School of Humanities & Social Sciences  Professor Craig  Stockings
Head of School of Humanities & Social Sciences
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Head of School of Science  Professor John-David Dewsbury
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Professor Roland Goecke
Head of School of Systems & Computing
Prof. HEFFERNAN, Patrick 'Pat'Head of School, SET
Head of School of Engineering & Technology
Ms Kath Kulhanek Deputy Faculty Director
Acting Faculty Executive Director
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Amanda Walker
Acting Deputy Faculty Executive Director