Artificial intelligence research


Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. AI is being used in everything from self-driving cars to drones that assist with rescue efforts to replicating the cognitive functions of humans.

Our research strengths at UNSW Canberra are technological innovation and developing capabilities. Designing, implementing and applying AI involves answering some of the most important ethical and human questions.

An interdisciplinary approach to AI research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to replicate the cognitive functions of human beings and, therefore, expertise from a range of fields is required to harness the opportunities and tackle the challenges presented by this rapidly evolving technology.

Demand for capability is growing exponentially while escalating debate about the implications of AI for the modern world urgently needs expert perspectives.

The UNSW Canberra AI Hub brings together more than 80 academics with expertise spanning engineering, science, business and the humanities.

Addressing the technological aspects of implementation, with a human-centred focus that considers the ethical, social and legal implications of AI, our team seeks to solve some of the most urgent questions in the field.

The UNSW Canberra AI Hub is part of the broader UNSW AI Institute.

AI research

Artificial intelligence for space

The application of Artificial Intelligence to space systems is a growing research strength for UNSW Canberra Space. We focus on the development of miniaturised satellites as edge devices, capable of performing complex tasks and analysis of data on orbit.


We specialise in developing new aviation technologies using aviation safety and human factors research. We aim to reduce the likelihood of error and build more tolerant and resilient systems to support safe air travel and airways management for economic, social and cultural development worldwide.


Imaging research develops and utilises image processing techniques to transform the way we see the world. From shaping the design of future artificial knees to informing knowledge of climate change, digital image processing holds huge potential for the future.

Optimisation & design

We're developing cutting-edge, practical and efficient algorithms and frameworks to support multidisciplinary design optimisation. These design methods address the fundamental challenges and uncertainties involved in finding optimal solutions for product design and decision-making activities.

Systems & control

We use research into the theory of automatic systems and control to address real-world problems in electrical, electronic, aerospace, quantum and mechanical engineering. 

Trusted autonomy

This emerging field of research focuses on understanding how human-machine interactions and artificial intelligence can be used to develop autonomous systems that have a positive impact on our society and quality of life.

Ethics in AI

We bring human values to the forefront of the technical design process to provide strategies for identifying and incorporating social and moral values into information technology design and development in defence and security.

UNSW AI Institute

The flagship UNSW Research Institute in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. Affiliate groups in Canberra include the AI Hub, Capabilities & Systems Centre, Public Service Research Group and Canberra Space.

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