Apply your theory-driven research to the real world 

At UNSW Canberra, we’re committed to providing unique opportunities for graduates and researchers to bring their vision to life to address some of the world’s most complex research challenges.  

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is an internationally recognised qualification that allows you to explore an in-depth research project that you’re passionate about. You'll be challenged to undertake intensive, independent research and make a significant and original contribution to your chosen specialisation.  

Our state-of-the-art facilities and superior partnerships, together with the strength of our research focused community creates exceptional career development opportunities for higher degree research (HDR) students. Opportunities exist in academic, research, and professional roles in Australia and internationally.  

Throughout your research program, you'll work closely with academic supervisors who are progressive thinkers and leaders in their field. At the end of the program, you must produce an original thesis that provides evidence of independent thought, critical analysis, and expert knowledge in your discipline.  

Explore your research options

View our PhD openings and be inspired to join a diverse group of scholars and research students making positive impacts worldwide.

Aerospace Engineering

Our postgraduate research program in Aerospace Engineering gives you the chance to study with leading academics in a multi-disciplinary environment. Use your advanced research skills to further the growth of aerospace engineering.
Course code 1663
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As part of your graduate research experience in chemistry, you’ll conduct independent research, use your research project skills and solve real-world scientific problems.
Course code 1871
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Civil Engineering

Improve civil and infrastructure engineering solutions by applying your advanced engineering skills to an industry-focused research project.
Course code 1631
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Computer Science

As a computer science research candidate, you’re free to pursue a topic of your choice or contribute to an area of existing research. Working with academics, peers and partner organisations across a range of specialties, you'll be part of a vibrant research community.
Course code 1885
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Cyber Security

UNSW Canberra’s cyber security graduate program prepares students for the highest level of professional practice, enabling them to contribute significantly to the multidisciplinary study of cyber security.
Course code 1749
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Economics & Management

This program allows you to undertake work that is worthy of publication and makes an original contribution to managerial economics and strategy. Become part of a vibrant community of doctoral students working closely with international and world-class researchers.
Course code 1541
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Electrical Engineering

Discover solutions to electrical and electronic engineering problems while developing your advanced engineering skills.
Course code 1643
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This PhD program prepares independent scholars for careers in English teaching and research. English PhD students pursue interdisciplinary research exploring special areas such as philosophy, anthropology, psychology and cultural studies.
Course code 1201
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This program provides students with the opportunity to engage in independent research while gaining a broader and deeper understanding of a selected aspect of Geography. Our PhD program is flexible, research-intensive, and student driven.
Course code 1081
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You’ll acquire advanced skills in historical research, analysis, and writing through the preparation and presentation of a substantial piece of independent and original academic research.
Course code 1241
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International & Political Studies

Pursue an advanced research project in international and political studies where you’ll be guided by expert supervisors with strong links to government and industry. You’ll contribute to new knowledge and expand your understanding of the political forces that steer the world.
Course code 1321
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Mathematics & Statistics

You’ll join a research culture that focuses on developing and applying theory and methods in mathematics and statistics to help solve real-world problems.
Course code 1881
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Mechanical Engineering

A PhD in Mechanical Engineering prepares students for careers in research and academia. Our research focuses on a broad range of topics including, manufacturing, air quality and cellular biomechanics.
Course code 1661
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Students in the oceanography graduate program examine a variety of ocean processes. Undergraduates should have completed a major in oceanography or appropriate science and engineering coursework within their majors.
Course code 1082
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Start your research career in physics at UNSW Canberra. Our PhD students work on ground-breaking research at the frontier of physics.
Course code 1892
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Project Management

A PhD in Project Management at UNSW Canberra provides outstanding research training for ambitious minds. Challenge yourself by broadening your skillset and advance your research career prospects in academia, industry and the public sector.
Course code 1615
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Southeast Asian Social Inquiry

Undertake original research and contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the Southeast Asian region. Our PhD program prepares students to better understand key questions of scholarship and policy on Southeast Asia.
Course code 1203
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Systems Engineering

Demand for systems experts far outweighs their supply. Our graduates are leaders in their fields across academia, public, private and government sectors in areas such as defence, aerospace, policy making and energy.
Course code 1620
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Scholarships & funding

UNSW offers a wide range of scholarships and funding to both domestic and international students, at all levels of study. Exceptional research candidates can apply for scholarships to undertake a higher degree by research. Scholarships may include an annual stipend, tuition fee payment and student health cover.

Find a research supervisor

UNSW Canberra academics are leaders in their fields and are eager to work with emerging researchers from around the world. The expertise of our scholars covers a wide breadth of research areas. They will guide and support you through your higher degree postgraduate research study.

Access to world-class teaching & research facilities

We’re home to several cutting-edge facilities dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Our purpose-built workshops, laboratories, and specialised training facilities make UNSW Canberra the ideal location to gain hands-on experience and prepare you for your future career.

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