Security & defence research

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Our world today has an ever-increasing range of security challenges. On top of traditional security concerns, human, societal, and economic security issues have added considerable complexity to our understanding of security and stability. Our research develops awareness into the local and global dimensions of security and defence.

Artificial intelligence research

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. AI is being used in everything from self-driving cars to drones that assist with rescue efforts to replicate the cognitive functions of humans.

Cyber research

Our record in discovery-driven cyber solutions is outstanding. Our efforts to build cyber capability for the future range from harnessing artificial intelligence to identifying cyber vulnerabilities.

Engineering research

Throughout history, engineering has shaped our lives and continues to shape the world around us. The world is a more comfortable, safe and exciting place because engineering solutions bring clean water, reliable energy, faster communication and lifesaving medical equipment.

International security research

We carry out a range of investigations to maintain the environment and protect the most vulnerable occupants of our planet today, and to ensure we’re well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Space research

Space research aims to provide tangible solutions to Earth's problems. As part of our research, we’re also looking into how global advancements in space might create ethical challenges.

War studies research

We possess a broad, diverse and coherent research focus on the study of ‘Conflict and Society’.


The purpose of the AUKUS partnership is peace and stability in a challenging geopolitical environment. A powerful new initiative has been developed to enable that vision.

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