Your path into higher degree research

A Masters by Research is your opportunity to engage in serious research and contribute new knowledge to your area of research interest. Building on the skills and knowledge developed during your undergraduate study, you'll develop insight and critical research skills, master strong research methodologies, and complete an original research project for your thesis, under the support and guidance of a supervisor. 

This master's degree provides you with the experience and expert knowledge you need to confidently approach PhD studies. A research degree from UNSW Canberra will also advance your career possibilities, providing you with the transferable skills required to pursue challenging and diverse roles within research, academia, government, industry, or business. 

Graduate research candidates are driven by naturally inquiring minds and have a passion for solving problems and advancing humanity. To be eligible for this degree, you must show clear potential to undertake significant independent research by successful completion of a relevant honours degree; professional work following a relevant undergraduate degree, or completion of a postgraduate coursework degree with a significant research component.

Explore your research options

Explore our available Master by Research options and be inspired to join a diverse group of scholars and research students making positive impacts worldwide.


The Master of Arts by research is an advanced study program offering broad research choice in the arts. Students learn the fundamentals of research and acquire new skills in critical thinking.
Course code 2406
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Aerospace Engineering

Expand your knowledge in an area of expertise in aerospace engineering and take your career further.
Course code 2693
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The Master of Business at UNSW Canberra is a forward-thinking, industry-focused degree purpose-built to unlock your personal and professional ambitions.
Course code 2223
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Shape the technologies of the future with our leading chemistry masters program. Conduct a major research project and gain real-world experience through industry connections.
Course code 2911
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Civil Engineering

UNSW Canberra's Master of Civil Engineering is a two-year full-time postgraduate degree that's professionally accredited by Engineers Australia.
Course code 2651
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Computer Science

UNSW Canberra is committed to advancing scientific knowledge through the Master of Computer Science to help solve some of the world’s greatest problems.
Course code 2925
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Electrical Engineering

You’ll undertake research in electrical engineering that will develop your critical thinking and independent research skills. Help drive the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) position at the forefront of technology.
Course code 2663
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This master's degree provides you with the experience and expert knowledge you need to confidently approach PhD studies in geography.
Course code 2041
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Mathematics & Statistics

The Master of Mathematics and Statistics covers a wide range of statistical theory and practice and provides advanced training in the principles of mathematics.
Course code 2921
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Mechanical Engineering

All master engineering programs within UNSW Canberra aim to provide outstanding engineering education to the future leaders of the Australian Defence Force.
Course code 2691
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The Master of Oceanography offers advanced training in the theory and understanding of physical processes in the ocean.
Course code 2042
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Prepare for your future. Study a Master of Physics at UNSW Canberra and expand your knowledge of the physics of space, atmosphere and matter.
Course code 2931
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