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Welcome to the Naval Studies Group

The Naval Studies Group (NSG) was founded in 2016. It's part of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and contributes to the work of the Maritime Security Research Group. NSG members combine about 150 years of cumulative naval experience with an extensive academic output in the form of books, monographs and articles. The NSG’s focus is maritime and naval policy, strategy and history.

The NSG’s output includes:

  • producing, in conjunction with the Creative Media Unit, the critically acclaimed Australian Naval History podcast series
  • writing or contributing to maritime and naval books
  • contributing to the activities of the Maritime Security Research Group
  • conducting a Naval Operations course tailored to specific groups
  • conducting workshops and seminars
  • mentoring and offering advice on the study of maritime and naval affairs
  • networking and collaborating within Australia and internationally.

Australian Naval History video and podcast series

These programs are produced by the Naval Studies Group in conjunction with the Submarine Institute of Australia, the Australian Naval Institute, Naval Historical Society and the Royal Australian Navy Seapower Centre. The programs discuss notable events in the history of the Royal Australian Navy.

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Naval Studies Group Members

Allan du Toit

Peter Jones

Jack McCaffrie

David Stevens

Mark Bailey

Neil Westphalen

Jennifer Parker