Our Military History research program leads the discipline nationally. It has a significant and growing international presence in the study of armed conflict and society within a historical perspective. Key projects are listed below:

Second World War Database 

David Stahel and Peter Dennis aim to create a comprehensive, searchable digital record of all Australian servicemen and women who served between 1939 and 1945. The model employed for this project is based on Peter Dennis’s First World War database.

The Centenary History of Australia and the Great War 

UNSW Canberra historians Professor Jeff Grey and Emeritus Professor Peter Dennis undertook this project in anticipation of the approaching centenary of the Great War. They coordinated a major new history of Australia’s part in the Great War. A small number of authors, most from or associated with UNSW Canberra, produced a volume re-interpreting Australia’s contribution to and experience of the conflict, covering its military and civilian aspects. The five-volume Centenary History of Australia and the Great War, published by Oxford University Press, comprised Australia and the War in the Air by Dr Michael Molkentin, The War with the Ottoman Empire by Prof. Jeff Grey, The War with Germany by Dr Rob Stevenson, The War at Home by Dr John Connor, Prof. Peter Stanley and Dr Peter Yule, and The Australian Imperial Force by Prof. Peter Dennis and Dr Jean Bou.

Towards a New History of Interwar Period

A conference entitled 1919-1939: Towards a New History of the Interwar Period was organised by Richard Dunley and Tom Richardson. It covered a range of issues across the interwar period, including key themes covered by the Conflict and Society Research Group. This three-day conference was attended by speakers from Australia and overseas.