Research groups

Research in the UNSW Medicine Lifestyle Clinic

The School of Health Sciences helps to improve people’s physical health, regardless of their age or health status. The schools research aims to improve the safety and quality of care for people who access and receive care in primary, secondary and tertiary settings.

Exercise and Chronic Disease Unit

The Exercise and Chronic Disease Unit investigates the impact of exercise and disease on quality of life. We’re focused on improving exercise prescription and treatment outcomes, and translating our findings into clinical practice.

Physical Activity Across the Lifespan Unit

The Physical Activity Across the Lifespan Research Unit aims to improve physical activity levels and habits at all stages of life by examining the role of physical activity in healthy paediatric populations and children with chronic disease and disability.

Exercise and Sport Science Unit

The discipline of exercise science focuses on better health outcomes through research in exercise and sport science. We aim to influence sports policy through the translation of evidence from a laboratory setting to the sporting field.