Our people

Students from our health professional programs learning in UNSW Medicine & Health’s facilities

Meet our people at the School of Health Sciences, from the executive team through to the people responsible for teaching & research, professionals keeping everything moving and the team at the Lifestyle Clinic. See below for links to profiles and contact details.

Executive team

Head of School
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Deputy Head of School
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Director of the Lifestyle Clinic
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2022-10-SoHS Executive Team - Denise Miles photo
School Manager



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Lifestyle Clinic Practice Manager


Director of Teaching & Education
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  • Name Title
    Dr Rachel Evelyn Ward Senior Lecturer
    Dr Matthew David Jones Senior Lecturer 
    Dr Briana Clifford Lecturer
    Prof James Henry McAuley Professor
    Dr Kirsty McDonald Lecturer
    Dr Nattai Borges Senior Lecturer
    A/Prof Carolyn Ruth Broderick Associate Professor
    Dr Kemi Wright Senior Lecturer
    Dr Paulo Pelicioni Lecturer
    Dr Michael Lee Associate Professor
    Dr Sara Grafenauer Senior Lecturer
    Dr Ramesh Walpola Senior Lecturer
  • Name Title
    Ms Nancy Van Doorn Lecturer
    Mr Boris Bojanovic Associate Lecturer
    Ms Amanda Louise Burdett Lecturer
    Ms Kathryn Drury Associate Lecturer
    Dr Christopher Andrew Maloney Senior lecturer
    Dr Mitchell Gibbs Lecturer
    Mr Callum John Baker Lecturer
    Mr Imtiaz Desai Associate Lecturer
    Mr Alexander Engel Lecturer
    Mr Luke Gemming Senior Lecturer
    Ms Jaimee Hughes Associate Lecturer
    Mr Branko Radojkovic Lecturer
  • Name Title
    Ms Kimberley Au Research Project Manager
    Mr Boris Bojanovic Accredited Exercise Physiologist
    Ms Kelly Ann McLeod Accredited Exercise Physiologist
    Ms Elise Helfensdorfer Accredited Exercise Physiologist
    Miss Maria Buchanan Administrative Assistant
    Adrian Ram Exercise Physiologist
    Alexandra Armstrong-Whitfield Exercise Physiologist
  • Name Title
    Ms Paraskevi Kypreos Administrative Officer
    Ms Leah McGrath Executive Assistant
  • Name Title
    Balu Daniel Tech Team Lead
    Irma Villaflor Lab Manager 
    Tammy Tang Lab Manager