Our team is committed to influencing sports policy through the translation of evidence from a laboratory setting to the sporting field.

Sport and exercise medicine

Our research focuses on exercise testing and prescription in special paediatric populations and the identification of novel biological markers of concussion in children and adolescents. 

Our experts 

A/Prof Carolyn Broderick 

A/Prof David Simar

Dr Nattai Borges

Biomechanics and human movement

As part of our research, we focus on quantitative analysis of human movement, especially dance science and motor learning. A wide range of biomechanical techniques are used to assess motor skill development and physical function, as well as detailed biomechanical analysis of dancers and athletes. 

Our experts

  • Dr Rachel Ward


In the Locomotion Research Group, we investigate the multi-factorial prioritisation schemes of walking and running to broaden our understanding of how humans balance competing locomotor objectives. 

Our experts

  • Dr Kirsty McDonald