Structural Weaknesses in Frames

low angle view of cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise

Study of Bike Riders’ Experience of Structural Issues in Bike Frames - Survey

This research aims to investigate bicycle riders’ understanding and experience of structural weaknesses in bicycle frames, in order to inform strategies to avoid harms caused by structural weakness.

We are recruiting people who are:

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Previously or currently a regular rider (defined as riding at least once per week, on average, for a period of at least 6 months).

You do not have to have experienced structural weaknesses in bicycle frames to participate.

If you consent to take part in the research by clicking the “I agree, start questionnaire” button below, you will be taken to an online questionnaire including questions about your:

  • awareness and use of methods for testing for structural weaknesses in bicycle frames
  • experience of crashes resulting from, or potentially resulting in, structural weakness
  • bicycling activities
  • demographic details.

The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You can choose to not answer any particular question(s) and you can stop participating at any time. Because the questionnaire is anonymous, we will not be able to withdraw any responses that you have already submitted (page by page).

We plan to publish and/ report the results of the research, and to store the data we collect for a minimum of 7 years. No information will be collected that would allow you to be identified as an individual.

After the research is complete a summary of results will be made available at “Results Summary” button below.

You can download a Participant Information Statement providing full details about the study, including who to contact if you have further questions or any problems, here:

By clicking “I agree, start questionnaire” below, you confirm that you:

  • have read the Participant Information Sheet, or understand that it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page, in a language that you understand
  • understand that you can ask questions and the research team will respond (contact details in the Participant Information Sheet)
  • freely agree to participate in this research as described and understand that you are free to withdraw at any time during the study and withdrawal will not affect your relationship with any of the named organisations and/or research team members
  • provide my consent for the information collected about me to be used for the purpose of this research only.

The online survey will be open from Friday 20 October to Friday 10 November. A summary of results will be available here when the research is complete: