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Economics is an exciting field of study, forever changing and adapting to the modern world while retaining scientific objectivity. At UNSW School of Economics, you’ll learn to analyse the behaviour and strategic interactions of individuals and firms, causes and effects of unemployment and inflation, determine how to improve efficiency and living standards and much more.  

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Be an agent for change. Economists study the cause and effect of unemployment and inflation, economic growth and development, income inequality, public policy, and environmental management.

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We offer undergraduate students a wide range of majors in the fields of business economics, business strategy and economics management, economics, econometrics and financial economics. 

Deepen your knowledge in a specific subject area of your choice with an Honours degree. You’ll complete a thesis with an original research project, undertaken in consultation with a supervisor.  


Gain advanced training and expertise with a postgraduate degree. Whether you’re a working professional wanting to upgrade your skills or a graduate gaining more of a specialisation, our postgraduate degrees will boost your career opportunities.  

With a postgraduate degree, you’ll make a valuable impact on future research and practices in your chosen field. You’ll gain the skills to identify, analyse and solve real-world problems using original academic research.  

Why Study With Us 

We’re committed to providing an ideal learning environment for students to develop skills and learnings in economics. We conduct quality research and support your education with quality teaching staff, peer assisted study sessions, a tutor support program and extra learning support. 

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Course Essentials  

Explore our various resources to learn more about credit transfers, progression plans, exchange, professional recognition of programs and much more. 

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We strive to support students from all backgrounds and academic abilities with an extensive range of scholarships and awards. In partnerships with our generous supporters, we assist students with the financial pressures of study to acknowledge their hard work and academic achievements.  

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Our academics include world leaders in their areas of research, and we strive to attract the very brightest students, both domestically and internationally. We have some of the best award-winning teachers in Australia in Economics.

UNSW’s School of Economics is internationally renowned for top quality research and one of the top three Economics departments in Australia. We consistently receive the highest possible rating in the prestigious Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA2018, ERA2015) ranking.

UNSW Business School offers you a dynamic learning environment with all the study, support and social facilities you need to make the most of every day on campus.