Professor Petr Sedlacek

Professor Petr Sedlacek

Business School
School of Economics

Petr is a Professor of Economics at the UNSW Business School, and a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford. His research primarily focuses on labor markets, worker and firm heterogeneity and the influence of startups and young businesses on the rest of the economy. Petr has advised the European Commission and his research has attracted several grants and awards. Personal webpage


Room 430A, UNSW Business School building

2018 - 2023   Starting Grant, European Research Council
2017 - 2021   Research Training Group (8 PIs), German Research Foundation
2016 - 2017   Modigliani Research Grant, UniCredit
2016 - 2017   Research Fellowship, German Research Foundation
2014 - 2015   Post-doctoral Stipendium, Daimler and Benz Foundation

2021   Promising Young Scientist, Social Sciences, Neuron Foundation
2013   Joop Hartog award for the best PhD thesis in 2010-2011, Amsterdam School of Economics
2012   Young Economist of the Year, 2nd place, Czech Economic Society
2012   Annual CEF conference, Student competition, 1st place, Society for Computational Economics



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2022   "Startups and Employment Following the COVID Pandemic: A Calculator", with C. Benedetti-Fassil, V. Sterk, POLICY STUDIES
2021   "The Macroeconomic Impact of Trump", with B. Born, G. Mueller, M. Schularick, POLICY STUDIES
2021   "The Nature of Firm Growth", with B. Pugsley, V. Sterk, AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW
2020   "Lost Generations of Firms and the Aggregate Labor Market", JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS
2019   "The Costs of Economic Nationalism: Evidence from the Brexit Experiment", with B. Born, G. Mueller, M. Schularick, ECONOMIC JOURNAL
2019   "Creative Destruction and Uncertainty", JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION
2019   "Reviving American Entrepreneurship? Tax Reform and Business Dynamism", with V. Sterk, JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS
2018   "Unemployment and the Labor Share", with S. Mangin, JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS
2017   "The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle", with V. Sterk, AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW
2016   "The Aggregate Matching Function and Job Search from Employment and Out of the Labor Force", REVIEW OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS
2014   "Match Efficiency and Firms' Hiring Standards", JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS
2014   "Inefficient Continuation Decisions, Job Creat Costs, and the Cost of Business Cycles", with W. den Haan, QUANTITATIVE ECONOMICS
2006   "Institutional Conditions of Monetary Policy Conduct in the Czech Republic", PRAGUE ECONOMIC PAPER