AGSM @ UNSW Business School’s fully online MBAX has ranked fourth in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 2024 Global Online MBA rankings. 

This comes after the AGSM MBAX was ranked number one in the Asia-Pacific Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 2023 Online MBA rankings announced late last year. 

Ranking fourth places the AGSM MBAX program among the top 5 per cent of online MBA programs globally. The number of Online MBA programs in the rankings has risen steadily as more and more schools develop online alternatives to traditional MBAs. The number of schools ranked increased from 47 (2020) to now 102 in 2024.

Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean UNSW Business School and Director at AGSM.

“In an increasingly crowded online MBA landscape, AGSM MBAX has once again distinguished itself as a world-class program,” said Professor Nick Wailes, Senior Deputy Dean UNSW Business School and Director at AGSM. 

“The significant rise in the number of ranked programs participating reinforces the credibility of world-class online MBA programs as they become mainstream.  For ambitious individuals seeking a top-tier education with unmatched flexibility, programs like the AGSM MBAX offer an exceptional pathway to success,” he said.

Global Online MBA programs are ranked across four key indicators: Faculty and Teaching (35%), Class Profile (30%), Employability (30%), and Class Experience (5%).

AGSM ranked well above the global average for these indicators, particularly in Faculty and Teaching, where its score of 93.5 was 34.3 points ahead of the mean program score of 59.2. This metric is based on academic responses (over 48,000 academic responses were completed in the survey this year), number of full-time faculty vs total number of students enrolled and degree completion rate. 

Professor Wailes attributes part of the AGSM MBAX's success to its ongoing commitment to program innovation and preparing the next generation of leaders to thrive in an increasingly complex world. 

“At AGSM, we prioritise providing a world-class learning experience. We constantly evaluate and refine our curriculum to ensure it remains relevant and engaging,” he said.

“The AGSM MBAX's exceptional score in Faculty and Teaching within the QS global rankings reflects this commitment. Our outstanding Business School faculty and adjunct teaching staff, with their deep industry expertise and world-class teaching credentials, are instrumental in equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in today's complex business environment.”

Associate Professor Michele Roberts, AGSM Academic Director and Associate Dean (Post Experience), emphasises the faculty's role in the program's strong showing in the Faculty and Teaching metric.

“Our faculty are the cornerstone of the AGSM MBAX program's success," she said. 

"We attract and retain world-class academics who are not only experts in their fields but also passionate about teaching and fostering a dynamic learning environment. This focus on education is evident in the program's exceptional score within the QS rankings. Through their expertise and engaging teaching methods, our faculty equip graduates with the critical thinking skills, in-depth knowledge, and practical abilities needed to thrive in leadership roles across all industries.” 

As well as achieving high results for Faculty and Teaching, AGSM MBAX has also ranked highly for Employability, scoring 83.2 points (the global average was 49.4). This metric is based on responses from global employers over the last five years. Over 61,000 employers were interviewed as part of the rankings survey.

Associate Professor Michele Roberts, AGSM Academic Director and Associate Dean (Post Experience)

“This achievement reflects the strong reputation of the AGSM brand among employers worldwide,” said Associate Professor Roberts.

“The program equips graduates with the in-demand skills and industry knowledge that employers are actively seeking. This is achieved through a rigorous curriculum informed by industry leaders, strong faculty expertise, and a focus on developing practical abilities.”  

“The diverse backgrounds and experiences of our online MBA cohort also contribute to this success. Students gain valuable exposure to different perspectives and approaches, fostering strong communication and collaboration skills – highly sought-after qualities in today's job market,” said Associate Professor Roberts.

In other key indicators, AGSM ranked 81.9 (above the global average of 62.4) for Class Experience. For Class Profile, the MBAX was ranked 57.9 (above the global average of 45.0).


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