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Welcome from the Head of School

Hello and Welcome to the School of Science, UNSW Canberra. 

Science is the bedrock of knowledge underpinning the innovations society makes in enhancing life through new technologies and better understandings of our environmental processes. Studying and researching science empowers you to become part of the global community of scientists and educators who provide solutions to, and advice on, the challenges of our contemporary condition – whether that be extreme weather events due to climate change, the impacts of global pandemics, the increasing necessity of alternative energy resources, or the changing nature of human behaviour in our increasing reliance upon artificial intelligence and Big Data. 

The School of Science has a novel history in bringing together the former Schools of Chemistry, Geography and Oceanography, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics to create an unique interdisciplinary research and teaching environment within which to study science. Coupled with our strong links with the Schools in the Faculty of Science UNSW Sydney, and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), we are proud of the unique interdisciplinary community housed within our one School. 

The school has just opened its new state-of-the-art Chemistry laboratories, complementing our excellent Physics laboratory infrastructure and our exceptional mechanical workshop which offers apprenticeships and both designs and manufactures high-end quality bespoke research and teaching equipment. Along with our amazing professional staff team, you can be confident that all your educational and research needs receive the highest priority in our School. 

Whether you are embarking upon your Australian Defence Force career, extending your career prospects through undertaking honours research or life-long learning, looking to commence your PhD, or as a potential industry partner looking for cutting-edge research advice, you are welcome to make the School of Science your home. 

Becoming a member of the School of Science will enable you to be a part of our leading research in several areas, including bushfire behaviour and prediction, extreme climate change from weather systems to oceanographic impacts, computational modelling and number theory analysis, condensed matter physics, human performance, and star systems and supernovae, all of which are the foundation of our national and international reputation for research excellence. Along with our portfolio of local and international field schools, be they in Shellharbour, Samoa, or Singapore, and with our Alice Springs ballooning campaigns for national space agencies, we receive many international research visitors all of which builds upon our strong global university networks. 

Our academic research-led teaching programs are complimented by a vibrant set of School social activities from discipline led lunches, research group dinners, Science Club, HDR and UG events, and weekly coffee catch ups. Aligning with our flexible working arrangements, these activities embed our commitment to work life balance whether that work is in administration, technical support, studying, research, or teaching. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Science, UNSW Canberra. 

-Professor John-David (JD) Dewsbury
Head of School of Science

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