Our research

We’re pioneering innovations in research by securing funding for world-leading academics to carry out ground-breaking work in state-of-the-art facilities.

Family and friends congratulate the latest Engineering, Science & Technology graduates from UNSW Canberra.

UNSW Canberra School of Science research is driving breakthroughs in sustainability, computational techniques, climate change, new materials and renewable energy.

World-leading academics, with a strong track record in securing funding, push the boundaries of knowledge to tackle bushfire research and some of the most complex challenges of the 21st century. 

Join us and become an integral part of a collaborative community of excellence. 

Pioneering world-class research for a sustainable future

Driven by world-leading academics pushing the boundaries of knowledge in sustainability, climate change and renewable energy, UNSW Canberra School of Science researchers strive to find solutions to global challenges.  

If you’re driven to break down heatwave modelling and the tracking of extreme climate events or to develop low-cost, low-energy water purification processes for remote and developing communities, take a look at how our scientists are creating innovative solutions to these and other pressing issues currently facing our planet. 

Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Join us in using mathematical methods to explore the impact of bushfires and find practical solutions to modern-day challenges such as tracking the survival of penguins.

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

This is where physical laws of microphysical processes are applied to explaining astronomical events and determining the lifecycle of stars, planets and galaxies within the universe as we look at how it has changed over time.  

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We specialise in developing new aviation technologies, using aviation safety and human factors research. We aim to reduce the likelihood of error and build more tolerant and resilient systems to support safe air travel and airways management for economic, social and cultural development worldwide.

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Behavioural Science

This research investigates ways to promote healthy, sustainable adjustments to a range of pressing social issues by using our understanding of decision-making, habits, motivation and other human behavioural aspects.

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Coastal Impact

We develop strategies that will protect coastal systems for future generations, based on analysis of coastal changes caused by human activity and climate change. 

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Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Explore with us as we advance technology and improve sustainability by examining the fundamental physical properties and behaviours of natural and synthetic materials.

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Cultural Geography

This research sits at the intersection of science and culture as we apply social scientific thinking to the challenges posed by changes to our way on the path to resolving social conflicts and environmental crises. 

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Experimental Chemistry

Research encompassing areas such as the development of new drug delivery methods and the fundamental properties of metals play a vital part in examining how we'll develop the materials and technologies of the future.

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Number Theory

An exploration of elementary and analytic number theory with a focus on the distribution of prime numbers and the properties of the Riemann zeta-function. 

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Theoretical Chemistry

The development of novel approaches to understanding the structure, movement and reactions of molecular systems in the absence of experiments. 

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Water Quality

As the world’s population continues to increase and the effects of climate change become more severe, we’re playing a key role in developing cost-effective desalination and water treatment technologies to address the water shortage challenges facing our planet.

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UNSW Bushfire

Fifteen academics, research associates and PhD researchers across the Canberra and Kensington campuses are on a mission to improve our understanding of bushfire management by conducting fundamental research and developing models that integrate fire safety and risk management.

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Study with us

Channel your passion for chemistry, sub-atomic physics, oceanography, ecological conservation, and using data and mathematics to analyse real-world problems, with study options that will also advance your career.

With a UNSW degree, you can participate in effecting positive change within your community, and across the globe.