Driving breakthroughs in health, industry and the environment

From development of new drugs and drug delivery methods, to understanding the fundamental properties of metal complexes, chemistry has a huge impact on our society. As one of the fundamental sciences, chemistry underpins many of the most important aspects of our world. What we eat, the technology we use and how we treat illness all occur as a result of chemical reactions.  

Molecules are the building blocks of all matter. By studying matter we can predict and explain how molecular interactions affect the composition, structure and physical properties of substances. Understanding these chemical processes allows them to be modified into innovative solutions and technologies to help address the global challenges facing our society.

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Our cutting-edge chemical research has contributed to the development of new technologies including: 

  • The synthesis and study of novel functionalised supramolecular structures such as cucurbit[n]urils that can be used for biological, environmental, pharmaceutical (including drug delivery technologies) and industrial applications. 
  • The synthesis and study of redox-active and luminescent transition metal complexes for applications in biological systems, sensor systems and light-activated molecular devices.
  •  Rapid and selective screening of wide range of explosives on portable platforms, as well as remote monitoring of toxic gases.
  • Development of new pharmaceuticals to treat mental health disorders

Competitive advantage

New state-of-the-art laboratories with excellent analytical research infrastructure including NMR, mass spectrometry, GC-MS and fluorometers.  

  • Close working relationships and funding from industry
  • Strong and on-going collaborations with academic colleagues in Australia and around the world.  
  • Considerable external funding from government sources (e.g. Australian Research Council) and industry.
  • Strong publication record in international journals. 


Our researchers

Honours & CDF Coordinator Lynne Wallace
Honours & CDF Coordinator
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Lecturer in Organic Chemistry Tristan Reekie
Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
 Anthony Day
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Lecturer in Explosive Ordnance S.M.Parvez Mahbub
Lecturer in Explosive Ordnance