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Engineers from the UNSW Canberra Space team work at the National Space Test Facility at Mt Stromlo during testing for the M2 mission.

Join us at the frontiers of scientific discovery and teaching innovation.

UNSW Canberra School of Science degrees provide theoretical and practical learning in preparation for seamless entry into the workforce. Join a community using science to improve living conditions around the world and prepare to be empowered by passionate educators and pioneering researchers. 

Undergraduate study

Study a Bachelor of Science in a supportive and close-knit environment and become part of our diverse community of science students. Learn from leading academic staff and equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and experience to launch your career in science. 

Bachelor of Science

From oceanography to neuroscience and quantum physics, a UNSW Canberra Bachelor of Science unlocks a world of career possibilities. Enjoy the flexibility to explore different disciplines and discover a field of scientific study that ignites a spark and lay the foundations for a thrilling research journey.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Enhance your skills and understanding in your chosen area of science and lay the academic foundations for a master’s degree with a degree that connects high-performing students to a deeper knowledge of approaches and traditions in their chosen fields. 

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Bachelor of Science (CDF)

The Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) programs offer the opportunity for students entering UNSW Canberra with a high Entrance Rank, and who maintain a high level of performance in their studies, to undertake research in a range of disciplines beyond that available in the standard bachelor degree programs. 

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Postgraduate research

UNSW Canberra School of Science is at the forefront of ground-breaking developments in science. As a PhD student, you’ll connect with an exceptional community of passionate thinkers using research to change the world, and you’ll have access to superior programs and opportunities across a range of study areas.

Chemistry (MRes)

This discipline is the scientific study of the properties of matter, a natural science covering topics from the elements that make up matter to compounds, atoms and ions. The course combines advanced study, training and research with life science, chemistry, medicine and computational science. 

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Chemistry (PhD)

Gain expertise in molecular modelling, chemo-metrics and other research fields with researchers active in chemical and environmental analysis. Learn from researchers examining complex processes that form the building blocks for life and determine how this knowledge can be applied to solve world issues.

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Geography (MRes)

Specialise in a chosen area of human geography and develop social science research skills and methods for further research. Research areas include historical and urban geography, undertaken in cutting-edge analytical facilities and applied to solving complex environmental issues. 

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Geography (PhD)

Learn how natural environments function and change over time to gain an understanding of human and environmental integration. Explore this dynamic relationship between human and home in the research areas of physical science, marine science, earth science, and geology and natural resources. 

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Mathematics and Statistics (MRes)

This Master of Science by research provides powerful tools for understanding the natural world. Mathematics is vital for applying logic and quantitative reasoning to change the way we think about our surroundings. This course provides thorough training and a solid foundation for PhD studies.

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Mathematics and Statistics (PhD)

Join an active research community of academics, peers and partner organisations across a range of specialities including algebraic coding theory, analysis of survival data and game theory. Conduct research in areas from statistical quality control and supply chain to stochastic modelling and queueing theory.

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Oceanography (MRes)

Develop competence in marine science, deepening your scientific knowledge of the coastal environment and the modern-day pressures placed on it. Gain the skills required to work as a marine scientist through research-based teaching and practical techniques and approaches to problem solving. 

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Oceanography (PhD)

Investigate fundamental problems relating to the physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and geology of the sea. Work across traditional academic disciplines, researching independently and collaboratively to explore fundamental questions about applied research in estuaries, coastal and deep-ocean processes.

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Physics (MRes)

Build your own quantum computing algorithms and work with international collaborators to further your physics knowledge and develop your research skills. Tailor your studies to suit your research interests and career objectives and engage in exciting projects at the forefront of physics research.

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Physics (PhD)

Start your research career in physics working on cutting-edge research at the frontier of physics. Complete a research project that adds key knowledge to your chosen field and choose from research areas across astrophysics, complex systems, condensed matter physics and more.

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Scholarships support educational excellence by providing opportunities for domestic and international students on their academic journeys. Make life-changing connections and gain vital insights from alumni and elder scholars at workshops, mentoring events and hackathons with the broader scholarship community. 

Professional education

UNSW Canberra professional education short courses allow you to upskill and build on your knowledge base in a range of areas to ensure your qualifications are current.  

Develop in-demand skills by learning from experts while benefiting from their deep knowledge and impressive network of industry connections.