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Below is a selection of our recently published journal articles. To view more publications, please visit our researcher profiles at Our people, or search via our UNSW online publications database.

Journal articles | 2024

Reddy PJ; Chinta S; Matear R; Taylor J; Baki H; Thatcher M; Kala J; Sharples J, 2024, 'Machine learning based parameter sensitivity of regional climate models—a case study of the WRF model for heat extremes over Southeast Australia', Environmental Research Letters, 19,

Hassan A; Accary G; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K, 2024, 'Physics-based modelling of wind-driven junction fires', Fire Safety Journal, 142,

Lam WK; Chan L; Sutherland D; Manasseh R; Moinuddin K; Ooi A, 2024, 'Effect of stratification on the propagation of a cylindrical gravity current', Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 983,

Zahtila T; Lam WK; Chan L; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K; Dai A; Skvortsov A; Manasseh R; Ooi A, 2024, 'On the propagation of planar gravity currents into a stratified ambient', Physics of Fluids, 36,

Pérez-Hämmerle K-V; Moon K; Possingham HP, 2024, 'Unearthing assumptions and power: A framework for research, policy, and practice', One Earth, 7, pp. 199 - 210,

Weir, J.K., Morgain, R., Moon, Ket al. Centring Indigenous peoples in knowledge exchange research-practice by resetting assumptions, relationships and institutions. Sustain Sci 19, 629–645 (2024).

Baena JC; Kabir II; Wang C; Nazir MT; Yeoh GH, 2024, 'Optimization of flame retardancy and mechanical properties of cotton fabrics with D-glucosamine hydrochloride and phosphorus-containing polyol coating', Composites Communications, 45,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Chen TBY; Yuen ACY; Chen Q; Yang W; Wang C; Wang W; Chan QN; Zhang J; Yeoh GH, 2024, 'Characterising flame-retardant mechanism of phosphorous-containing intumescent coating on polyethylene via ReaxFF MD simulations', Chemical Engineering Journal, 480,

Lin J; Zhou H; Hawkes ER; Ma MC; Yeoh GH, 2024, 'Radiative flamelet/progress variable modelling of the UMD turbulent line fires under varying oxygen concentrations', Fire Safety Journal, 143,

Yang W; Chang W; Zhang J; Heng Yeoh G; Boyer C; Wang CH, 2024, 'A novel strategy for high flame retardancy and structural strength of epoxy composites by functionalizing ammonium polyphosphate (APP) using an amine-based hardener', Composite Structures, 327,

Journal articles | 2023

Bowman DMJS; Sharples JJ, 2023, 'Taming the flame, from local to global extreme wildfires', Science, 381, pp. 616 - 619,

Edalati-Nejad A; Ghodrat M; Sharples JJ, 2023, 'On the interaction of wind, fire intensity and downslope terrain with implications for building standards in wildfire-prone areas', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 1619 - 1632,

Ma W; Wilson CS; Sharples JJ; Jovanoski Z, 2023, 'Investigating the Effect of Fuel Moisture and Atmospheric Instability on PyroCb Occurrence over Southeast Australia', Atmosphere, 14,

Masoudian S; Sharples J; Jovanoski Z; Towers I; Watt S, 2023, 'Incorporating Stochastic Wind Vectors in Wildfire Spread Prediction', Atmosphere, 14,

Ribeiro C; Xavier Viegas D; Raposo J; Reis L; Sharples J, 2023, 'Slope effect on junction fire with two non-symmetric fire fronts', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WILDLAND FIRE, 32, pp. 328 - 335,

Hassan A; Accary G; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K, 2023, 'Physics-based modelling of junction fires: parametric study', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 336 - 350,

Innocent J; Sutherland D; Khan N; Moinuddin K, 2023, 'Physics-based simulations of grassfire propagation on sloped terrain at field scale: flame dynamics, mode of fire propagation and heat fluxes', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 513 - 530,

Innocent J; Sutherland D; Khan N; Moinuddin K, 2023, 'Physics-based simulations of grassfire propagation on sloped terrain at field scale: motivations, model reliability, rate of spread and fire intensity', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 496 - 512,

Innocent J; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K, 2023, 'Field-Scale Physical Modelling of Grassfire Propagation on Sloped Terrain under Low-Speed Driving Wind', Fire, 6,

Khan N; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K, 2023, 'Simulated behaviour of wildland fire spreading through idealised heterogeneous fuels', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 738 - 748,

Sutherland D; Rashid MA; Hilton JE; Moinuddin KAM, 2023, 'Implementation of spatially-varying wind adjustment factor for wildfire simulations', Environmental Modelling and Software, 163,

Wadhwani R; Sutherland D; Moinuddin K; Huang X, 2023, 'Numerical simulation of two parallel merging wildfires', International Journal of Wildland Fire, 32, pp. 1726 - 1740,

El Rafei M; Sherwood S; Evans J; Dowdy A; Ji F, 2023, 'Biases in Estimating Long-Term Recurrence Intervals of Extreme Events Due To Regionalized Sampling', Geophysical Research Letters, 50,

El Rafei M; Sherwood S; Evans J; Dowdy A, 2023, 'Analysis and characterisation of extreme wind gust hazards in New South Wales, Australia', Natural Hazards, 117, pp. 875 - 895,

El Rafei M; Sherwood S; Evans JP; Ji F, 2023, 'Analysis of extreme wind gusts using a high-resolution Australian Regional Reanalysis', Weather and Climate Extremes, 39,

Grose MR; Narsey S; Trancoso R; Mackallah C; Delage F; Dowdy A; Di Virgilio G; Watterson I; Dobrohotoff P; Rashid HA; Rauniyar S; Henley B; Thatcher M; Syktus J; Abramowitz G; Evans JP; Su CH; Takbash A, 2023, 'A CMIP6-based multi-model downscaling ensemble to underpin climate change services in Australia', Climate Services, 30,

Isaza A; Kay M; Evans JP; Prasad A; Bremner S, 2023, 'Air quality impacts on rooftop photovoltaic energy production during the 2019–2020 Australian bushfires season', Solar Energy, 257, pp. 240 - 248,

Flores-Moreno H; Dalrymple RL; Cornwell WK; Popovic G; Nakagawa S; Atkinson J; Cooke J; Laffan SW; Bonser SP; Schwanz LE; Crean AJ; Eldridge DJ; Garratt M; Brooks RC; Vergés A; Poore AGB; Cohen DR; Clark GF; Sen Gupta A; Reich PB; Cornelissen JHC; Craine JM; Hemmings FA; Kattge J; Niinemets Ü; Peñuelas J; Moles AT, 2023, 'Is Australia weird? A cross-continental comparison of biological, geological and climatological features', Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11,

Qi J; Ding L; Lim S, 2023, 'Application of a decision-making framework for multi-objective optimisation of urban heat mitigation strategies', Urban Climate, 47,

Constantine M; Williams AN; Francke A; Cadd H; Forbes M; Cohen TJ; Zhu X; Mooney SD, 2023, 'Exploration of the Burning Question: A Long History of Fire in Eastern Australia with and without People', Fire, 6, pp. 152 - 152,

Constantine M; Zhu X; Cadd H; Mooney S, 2023, 'The transition from an Indigenous to a European influenced fire regime at Lake Werri Berri, south-east Australia', Holocene, 33, pp. 505 - 517,

Wang L; Liu Z; Rajamuni M, 2023, 'Recent progress of lattice Boltzmann method and its applications in fluid-structure interaction', Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 237, pp. 2461 - 2484,

Sanderson D; Patel R; Gleason K, 2023, 'Urban Health and Disaster Resilience', Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Global Public Health

Cortes, C.A.T., Thurow, S., Ong, A., Sharples, J., Bednarz, T., Stevens, G., Del Favero, D., "Analysis of Wildfire Visualization Systems for Research and Training: Are They up for the Challenge of the Current State of Wildfires?," in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, doi: 10.1109/TVCG.2023.3258440

Baena JC; Wang C; Kabir II; Khalid A; Nazir MT; Yuen ACY; Ahmad F; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Fire behaviour of waterborne intumescent coatings on timber substrate for bushfire exposure', Fire Safety Journal, 140,

Avendaño JI; Domingo A; Zlatanova S, 2023, 'Building Information Modeling in Steel Building Projects Following BIM-DFE Methodology: A Case Study', Buildings, 13, pp. 2137 - 2137,


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