Research project highlights

UNSW Student Engineer in the laboratory

Our school is at the forefront of civil, environmental and geospatial engineering research, working annually with over 100 industry and government organisations. We're committed to advancing a more prosperous, safe and just society while forging ahead with innovative research fields. 

Our UNSW researchers collaborate with engineers, scientists, managers and policymakers from small innovative start-ups to global organisations to find innovative solutions to future challenges. Our research covers:  

  • transport futures 
  • driverless cars 
  • on-demand public transport 
  • bio-secure mobility 
  • water futures – such as quantifying uncertainty and sponge cities 
  • restorative engineering 
  • global connections  
  • construction futures  
  • super drones 
  • timber futures 
  • concrete futures 
  • people-centric engineering 
  • the logistics of hunger 
  • creating virtual cities 
  • geospatial revolutions. 

Read about our research insights and visions for local and global futures in construction, environmental, geospatial, infrastructure, transport, and water engineering in the new digital, disruptive diverse world.