Big group of students at orientation camp

CEVSOC is the undergraduate student-run society affiliated with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We provide a platform for students to interact, build friendships and gain knowledge from other students. Our team works to supplement the university experience of the Civil and Environmental student body by hosting a wide array of events and programs throughout the year.

Internal and external social

Events such as termly welcoming nights, a spectacular harbour cruise, an annual Final Year Dinner and so much more!

Career Development

Events like our annual Careers Market, a series of professional development workshops (CEVDevelopment), Case Competitions, Industry Disciplines Night and other networking events.

Diversity and Inclusion

Events which foster events such as our Women in Construction Tea, Wear It Purple Day Networking and International Students Industry Night.


Events such as our popular CVEN Crash Courses, Thesis Night, Professional Electives Night and Food for Thought, where students are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their courses, which is directly given to the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Sports and charity

Events, such as weekly social sports, blood drives with the Red Cross, sporting events with industry and other philanthropic initiatives.

Mentoring programs

Events such as CEVBuddy which connects first years with seasoned students, as well as CEVSOC’s Industry Mentoring which partners students with industry representatives to help develop networks and career goals.

First Year Camp

This is a fantastic way to get settled into university and learn about your degree while making lifelong friends!

Professional Development Camp

Brings together students for a weekend of skill development, mentoring and networking as well as a whole lot of fun!


Get involved

Here are some of the initiatives you can get involved with right now! Check out our Facebook to find event pages with more information.

To Contact CEVSOC: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cevsoc

Email:  contact@cevsoc.com

Address: Civil and Environmental Engineering Building, G4