About us

Aerial photo of inland water channels and surrounding wetland covered in bright green vegetation over sandy soil that is contrasting to the  darker non-wetland desert closer to the horizon.

SAGE stands for Surveying and Geospatial Engineering. It is part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering Research Group has been conducting world class research in the subdisciplines of geodesy, photogrammetry, positioning measurement and remote sensing since the 1960s.

Our facilities

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (SAGE) has a range of teaching and research facilities.

SAGE Laboratory

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (SAGE) Laboratory is a central space to support SAGE teaching and research. It has state-of-the-art surveying instruments and up-to-date software packages for catching up the latest technology development in surveying and geospatial engineering.

SNAP Laboratory

The SNAP Lab is Australia's premier academic group with over 20 years experience conducting research on wireless, ground-based and satellite-based positioning technology and applications.

SNAP was relaunched in 2014 as a collaborative research initiative between the Schools of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, combining expertise in geodesy, surveying & geospatial science, with that of electronics, signal processing and space engineering from the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research.

Surveying instruments

SAGE has a wide variety of state of the art surveying instruments including 3D terrestrial laser scanner, GNSS RTK systems, robotic total stations, digital levels and RPAS/UAS/Drones.

Scheduled teaching classes have the highest priority to book and use the instruments. 

SAGE Instruments can be booked on CVEN Intranet

Campus network
& Survey camp

UNSW campus network is designed and maintained for surveying student field survey practice. Since the Kensington Campus of UNSW is continuously changing due to construction work.

Survey Camps are part of surveying and Geospatial Engineering courses GMAT3150 and GMAT4150 Field Projects held at Berry Sport and Recreation Centre or Cataract Scout Park. GMAT3150 is a 4-day off campus extensive practical training and 1 day on-campus field work.