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Instrument Operations' Guide

Surveying and Geospatial Engineering.

Software access for current students

Explore guides on how to access the UNSW VPN, map computers remotely Via Mcacces, GeoSLAM, Autodesk Civil3D and more. 

S Drive Access

Follow these simple steps to map the S drive to your computer, including information for GMAT3700 and GMAT2500 students.

Textbooks & theses

Explore more than seven hundred surveying and geospatial research theses have been recorded since 1960. Some of them are authors, supervisors, title and abstract only. 

Fieldwork Risk Management

Fieldwork is any work, study or research authorised by UNSW and conducted by workers (such as staff, post-graduate student) and others (such as under-graduate student(s) and volunteers) at a location outside of a laboratory, library or workplace setting. 

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