SAGE has a wide variety of state of the art surveying instruments including 3D terrestrial laser scanner, GNSS RTK systems, robotic total stations, digital levels and RPAS/UAS/Drones.

Scheduled teaching classes have the highest priority to book and use the instruments. 

SAGE Instruments can be booked on CVEN Intranet

Robotic Total Stations

  • Leica TS60 R1000
  • Topcon GT-603  
  • Leica TCRP1203+ R400, RX1250T
  1. Equipment list
  2. User manual
  • Trimble RTS S6 + TSC2
  1. User guide
  2. Demo guide

Digital Total Stations

  • Sokkia SET530RK3
  1. Operators manual
  2. Sokkia USB-to-Serial cable (black) driver (change .txt to .zip to unzip. also check readme.txt before installation)
  3. Survey data download and upload with Magnet Office 5 and Windows 10 quick guide (PDF).
  • FOIF RTS102
  1. User manual (PDF)
  2. Quick start guide (PDF)
  3. Data transfer app (change .txt to .zip and unzip)

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Devices

Digital Camera
  • DSLR cameras for close range photogrammetry
Planar Stereoscopic photogrammetry workstation
  • Planar SD1710 3D stereo photogrammetry workstations 
Other devices
  • iPad13 Pro with lidar capability
  • Leica BLK3D 

Digital Levels

GNSS Receivers


Lidar / Laser Scanners

Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Other devices 

  • Electronic Theodolites
  • Optical Theodolites
  • Dumpy Levels
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Invar Staves
  • Leica Prisms
  • Mini-prisms with poles
  • Leica Multi-prisms (GPH11)
  • Leica tri-prisms (photo)
  • Leica Distos
  • 360-deg prisms
  • 360-deg mini prisms
  • Adjustment station for prism poles - Control and Adjusting Station for Prism Poles and Antenna Poles (user guide)
  • Adjusting device for optical plummets and circular bubbles (manual)
  • Adjustment cylinder for optical plummets (photomanual)