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Least Squares Surveying Textbook

Practical Least Squares and Statistics for Surveyors, by Dr Bruce Harvey Monograph 13, Third Edition reprinted 2016, UNSW. 332 + x pp.  ISBN 0-7334-2339-6.

The book has recently been reprinted, now in colour, with spiral binding for ease of use. At the lowest possible cost. The book is not available in pdf or online format. Bruce retains copyright to the book. The book can only be purchased from UNSW Bookshop, either on campus or order it from them.

To order the book, go to:  https://www.bookshop.unsw.edu.au/details.cgi?ITEMNO=9780733423390

Materials to accompany 

Practical Least Squares and Statistics for Surveyors textbook (Updated April 2019)

The materials are provided for people who have purchased the book: Harvey, B.R. Practical Least Squares and Statistics for Surveyors, Monograph 13, Third Edition.

Dr Bruce Harvey is a Senior Lecturer with many years of teaching and research experience. His main interest is in teaching surveying. He was awarded the Faculty of Engineering UNSW Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998 and in 2010. Bruce Harvey is a graduate of The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia; obtaining a Bachelor of Surveying with Honours 1 and the University Medal, a Doctor of Philosophy in Geodesy, and a GradDipHEd. Bruce joined the academic staff of the School of Surveying in 1986 after having worked in surveying at the NSW Dept of Main Roads and doing postdoctoral research at the Division of Radiophysics, CSIRO in Geodetic VLBI. Bruce was for many years the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Surveying & SIS, UNSW. Bruce has been specializing in educational matters for most of his employment at UNSW. He is also a Registered Surveyor in NSW and has been a Board Member of BOSSI NSW. His main area of interest and achievement has been in the teaching of least squares and data analysis.

The amount of class and reference material that students can read is now enormous. Most people will download files because if they have the file, they can read it at any time … so they don’t have to read it now. So hardly anyone reads anymore and people only collect files and store them away. Is getting copies of all the material the only way you can keep up? Have you tried an alternative? It’s an old fashioned process where you place the pages in front of your eyes and you let it go through there into the brain and it is much better than a download or a photocopy. Almost all the data files are real survey observations for you to analyse. Some of them intentionally contain errors or problems. I have been asked to put a pdf copy of the book on line and to put copies of my lecture slides here too. I am still considering that. Let's start with some of the lecture slides. I change my lectures every year so that I keep fresh. If you read my lecture slides that is not the same as being in my classes because: I don't spend much time on a slide if it has words on it; I do spend a lot time talking about images, graphs, plans etc on slides so if you aren't there you don't here that; and finally the best learning happens when you ask me questions in the lecture or in the computer lab classes. Actually processing data and solving problems in the labs with me and other students nearby to talk to, is probably the best way to learn about LS and analysing data.

Data files that accompany the book are available for download. 

Click on a link below to download files. The files are copyright to the author.

The Least Squares Treasure Hunt, Educational Game Version 4: exe file (Remove the .txt at the end to change file back to software)

A  temporary copy of the FIXIT software used in the book, Version 4: exe file (Remove the .txt at the end to change file back to software) Read the conditions of use!

Some additional notes for students on least squares:

Some of my papers referred to by Monograph 13:

Here are recent papers of mine:

  • Harvey (2013) Adjustment of survey networks by topological grid search - DOI 10.1515/jag-2013-0006
  • Harvey (2010b) Surveying Puzzles. "A 'gymnasium for the mind' with surveying puzzles and exercises is presented in this paper. It is intended for students to develop basic survey related problem solving skills and gain experience and confidence with surveying problems. It is also for older surveyors to keep their mind "fit" and to enjoy the use of their abilities accumulated over years of problem solving experience. Three types of puzzles are included to provide a variety of exercises: numerical puzzles related to our measurement and calculation work; visual puzzles related to our map and plan use; and word puzzles because surveyors write papers and reports."
  • Harvey (2010a) My thoughts about teaching
  • Harvey (2009) Constraint Equations in Cadastral Modelling.

One day I will load some more of my papers that might be hard to find for international readers.


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