A UNSW documentary which captures a touching cultural exchange between African and Australian Indigenous people is airing nationally on the ABC, the day before TV personality Ray Martin opens Nura Gili's winter program.

One Earth Many Voices, made by Learning and Teaching media producers Mark Foster and Tom Cavdarovski, follows a song-and-dance group of 11 indigenous and non-indigenous Australians - including six from UNSW - touring Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates to demonstrate Australia's Indigenous culture.

The documentary makers, accompanied by Bill Buckley and Jilda Simpson from Nura Gili, filmed not only the performances but the interaction between the Indigenous Australians and their African audiences. The resulting film will be shown on ABC TV on Sunday July 8.

Producer Mark Foster says this is the first time an in-house UNSW documentary has been sold to a national broadcaster. "We are so excited to see the ABC screening this work," he says. "It is wonderful for UNSW to be recognised for our cultural involvement and also for so many people to be able to share such an amazing experience."

Last week a second One Earth Many Voices tour returned from a two-week tour of Tanzania and Uganda. This time four of the seven performers and supporters were from UNSW. They are Bill Buckley and Jilda Simpson from Nura Gili, and Indigenous COFA students Dorsey Smith and Lucy Simpson.

Also on the media front, TV journalist Ray Martin will open the Nura Gili winter program on Monday, July 9. The Winter School Program at UNSW aims to assist Indigenous High School students from all over Australia in identifying their paths of interest, in turn clarifying the subject areas required for further study in that field. It is organised by Nura Gili (Indigenous Programs).