Master of Commerce student Justin Jones has paddled into the history books with the first successful crossing of the Tasman by sea kayak.

With fellow paddler James Castrission, Justin completed the crossing after a gruelling 62 days at sea in a custom-made sea kayak.

The pair left the NSW north coast in November last year and arrived in New Zealand on January 13.

During the journey, the adventurers overcame significant hurdles such as delays due to strong winds, high waves, a shortage of food and the breakdown of an automatic desalination water pump.

The expedition is the latest in a string of outstanding achievements for Justin. These include coaching UNSW's Colt Rugby team in the 2005 Australian University Games, and completing the first traverse of the Murray River from source to mouth by kayak.

Justin completed an Honours degree in Physiology from UNSW in 2005 and has commenced a Master of Commerce degree at the Australian School of Business.

Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business, congratulated the kayakers on their bravery and tenacity in the face of major obstacles.

"Despite being exposed to many dangers, Justin and James have shown an extraordinary determination to succeed while inspiring others to pursue their own goals and dreams," he said.

More details on the record-breaking journey can be found on the kayakers' website.