How do architectural awards impact on Australian society? UNSW's Alec Tzannes, an award-winning architect, will look at the shortcomings and the contributions that these accolades make to the development of the profession.

Professor Tzannes, who is the Dean of UNSW's Faculty of Built Environment, is one of the plenary speakers at the ConnectED 2010 conference, which is hosted by UNSW's College of Fine Arts (COFA) and the Faculties of Engineering and Built Environment.

The event brings together educators and practitioners in engineering, architecture and design from around the world.

"There are design education conferences around the world, but what makes this one different is that it is a multi-disciplinary approach," says Graham Forsyth, who is the co-ordinator of the conference and Associate Dean of COFA.

"There is design taught in art schools, as well as by architects and engineers, to name just a few," he says. "We all teach design, but there are different models and different contexts. We need to learn from each other and focus on how to teach across a range of perspectives."

Other plenary speakers include:

What: ConnectED 2010 - 2nd International conference on design educationWhen: Monday 28 June to Thursday 1 JulyWhere: Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington campus

For the full conference program, including abstracts, go to the website.

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