COFA lecturer Volker Kuchelmeister has set a new world record, producing the largest ever 3D panoramic picture, nearly 80,000 pixels long.

Kuchelmeister’s stereoscopic 3D panoramic montage is called Juxtaposition. He seamlessly combines footage of the Tasmanian wilderness with extreme urban landscapes in Hong Kong. The giga-pixel work is constructed from 20 separate scenes and on-location sound recordings and is presented within iCinema’s 360 degree cylindrical screen.

A lecturer in COFA’s Schools of Media Arts and Design Studies, Kuchelmeister is also Head of the Media Laboratory at the iCinema Interactive Cinema Research Centre, which is a joint venture between COFA and the Faculty of Engineering.

Kuchelmeister created Juxtaposition during a four-month fellowship at City University, Hong Kong earlier this year.

Meantime, his experimental, stereoscopic 3D short film, Hong Kong Skydrive, was screened this month at the Parallax Stereoscopic Video Art Festival in Prague.

Watch a 2D version of Hong Kong Skydrive here.

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