Inna Osmolovsky

Inna Osmolovsky

PhD Student
Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

I'm very passionate about plants and want to know everything about them! I've earned my masters in plant evolution, studying the process of speciation in a group of unique and rare irises. I also have a background in molecular biology and biochemistry. You can say I just love learning a little bit of everything :)

Project: How plants are shifting their range in response to climate change

Supervised by: Professor Angela Moles (primary supervisor) and Associate Professor Will Cornwell (secondary supervisor)

Project Description: I’m interested in understanding how plants shift their ranges in response to climate change. While it is clear that some of the plants are trying to escape the rapidly warming conditions, by sprouting in cooler places (closer to the poles or uphill), others seem to actually take advantage of the chaos and expand to warmer environments. In my research I focus on how ecological interactions could promote such response.

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